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As we continue celebrating remarkable anniversaries of HSE University, current issue is dedicated to HSE Campus in Perm and its silver jubilee. The Director of HSE Perm, Galina Volodina, opens up this issue, discussing the role the campus plays in developing general education in the region, as well as retaining local talent. Furthermore, Deputy Director Elena Shadrina further talks about the research the campus laboratories do and about their international teams. Aleksey Kychkin comments on project-based learning and commercial research, while Dinara Gagarina highlights the importance of digital methods for the humanities. In turn, Dr. Dmitri Vinogradov, an international scholar from Glasgow University, comments on his role in developing a postgraduate school in applied economics and management at the Perm campus. As part of the Discovering Russia column, Dr. Harold A. Moreno-Franco shares his journey in “flavours” from Mexico to Russia. Read the full issue in pdf here.

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