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The current issue of The HSE Look explores the “Big Projects” initiative, launched by HSE Academic Supervisor Yaroslav Kuzminov in 2021. Because regardless the moments of crisis and drastic change, studies and research at HSE University carry on, as do projects that not only aim at education excellence but also enhance the impact the University has on what happens inside and outside its walls.

The issue starts off with an interview with Dr. Anastasia Stepanova, the head of the HSE Center for Development and Integration of Project Activities, who currently oversees the HSE 'Big Projects' programme. Dr. Anastasia Stepanova talked with The HSE Look about the programme’s goals and what it plans achieve. It continues with interviews with Dr. Mira Bergelson, who heads up the Big project on ‘Discourse practices of Russian society: professional and sociocultural perspectives’; Dr. Alexander Larichev, who oversees the track on ‘Ethics and the Law’ and Dr. Maxim Storchevoy, the curator of the ‘Ethics in Business’ track - both parts of the Applied Ethics Big project; and Dr. Evgeny Kazartsev, the head of the ‘Literature and society: the experience of socio-cultural description’ project. Each project leader also discuss their efforts in detail. Read the full issue in pdf here.

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