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The current issue of The HSE Look explores mirror laboratories that were formed by experts from HSE University and other leading Russian academic institutions and provide opportunities for joint initiatives based on academic/industry partnerships, as well as give researchers a chance to delve into new topics or engage in truly interdisciplinary research.

As such, the issue starts off with an interview with Marina Litvintseva, the University’s Director for International Research, who explained how the need for mirror laboratories arose and the aims of this project. It continues with interviews with Sergei Kornienko, who heads up the mirror lab project “Migration as a factor of social transformation of Soviet regions during the post-war reconstruction period: an analysis through the digital humanities”; Nadezhda Lebedeva, who oversees the mirror lab project “Values and intercultural relations in the context of a transitive society: a cross-regional analysis”; Ilya Dolmatov, the head of the mirror lab project “Models of energy infrastructure development in Russia’s remote and isolated territories”; and Vasilii Gromov, who heads up the project “Intelligent data analysis for healthcare information systems”. As part of the Discovering Russia column, Dr. Olga Rotar talks of failure and bad experience as an integral part of learning. Read the full issue in pdf here.

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