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Events for the International Faculty

September 2018

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14:00 - 22:00

Gorky Park

International faculty meeting
at 13.30 near the main gates 


Seminar: Research Fund (for tenure-track
and tenured international faculty)


Myasnitskaya 20, room 513


Moscow River Tour
17:30 - 20:00

Pier Bol'shoy Ustinsky Bridge

Seminar: Intercultural Communication
(Living and Working in Russia)

13:00 - 16:00

Myasnitskaya 20, room 226


HSE Day is a University-wide event open to everyone. For the entire day, the Gorky Park is transformed into a huge university campus where thousands of people gather to socialize, play sports, relax, learn new things and learn about everything the university has to offer.
There are English-speaking areas:
1. Russian Tea Room offering tea and traditional Russian treats for those who have answered tricky questions about Russia;
2. HSE open Talks with lectures delivered by HSE professors and postdocs. 
You may find more information on the official page of the event.
Please apply for organized pick-up and highlight tour if you wish by registration

Research Fund meeting (for tenure-track and tenured international faculty) is focused on its concept, peculiarities of procurement procedures and types of expenses, items, services that can be purchased or reimbursed.

Moscow River Tour is a mixer event for all International Faculty members. We want you to see the whole beauty of our capital from an unusual angle - from the deck of a river boat sailing down the Moscow river.

Living and Working in Russia is a specially tailored workshop by Dr. Bergelson, Professor at the Faculty of Humanities. The event is aimed at: 
1. Helping the newly-hired International Faculty members to adapt more quickly to their life in Russia; 
2. Discussing many significant issues concerning everyday life, differences in academic and teaching cultures;
3. Sharing the experience of living and working in Russia with colleagues (from those who have been in Russia for some years).

October 2018

Registration for these events will be opened in mid-September

               1                        2          34                5          

Meeting with the HSE


Myasnitskaya 20, room 102


Pizza Party

Myasnitskaya 20,
Professors’ Club (room 300)


Meeting with HSE Administration is chaired by First Vice-Rector Vadim Radaev and Deputy First Vice-Rector Valentina Kuskova. The event enables the participants to know about the role of International Faculty in the development of the University (for new hires) and the Research Productivity Assessment (for everyone). At the end there is an opportunity to ask questions. 

Pizza Party is another informal meeting of International faculty members. Colleagues, pizza and drinks are present.

November-December 2018

November, 15 (Tuesday) Seminar: Teaching at HSE at 16:00 Myasnitskaya 20, room 228.
It is a peer-to peer workshop for international faculty members on teaching at the University. The seminar enables newcomers to get acquainted with specifics of the teaching process at HSE.

December, 13 (Tuesday) Pre-New Mixer at 17:00 Myasnitskaya 11, Teacher’s Lounge (room 433). It is dedicated to HSE Look Anniversary this year. We offer quizzes about Russia, an exhibition of photos, food and drinks.

Please stay tuned with our group “HSE International Faculty” on Facebook, website ifaculty.hse.ru and corporate e-mail.