Relocation&Accommodation Tips


When moving to Moscow, we recommend you to avoid bringing large or heavy furniture, so you can save on the costs of high customs duties and taxes (EUR 4 per kg of gross weight). 

We strongly recommend consulting directly with customs service and/or relocation agencies for the most up-to-date information regarding customs regulations, fees and types of goods you are planning to transport.

Russian Federal Customs Service regulations exempt you from additional customs payments if:

  • the gross weight of your goods does not exceed 50 kgs
  • the customs cost of goods does not exceed the equivalent of 10 000 euros

     In accordance with the paragraph 7 from the list of cases and conditions of importation for personal use with exemption from customs and taxes, a holder of a work permit may import used goods for personal use with exemption from customs duties and taxes. The list of such goods can be found here.

Goods for private use can be sent internationally, customs free, via relocation companies, if:
  • the gross weight of goods does not exceed 50 kgs
  • the customs cost of goods does not exceed the equivalent of 10 000 euros

The list of such goods can be found on the website of the Russian Federal Customs Service and the List of cases and importation of goods for personal use exempt from custom duties and taxation

Generally, international appointments are paid a Relocation allowance, which is intended to cover relocation costs.
Company like Intermark Relocation provide settling in services including property screening and accompanied property viewings.

Renting an apartment

HSE usually provides new international appointments with initial lodging at one of the HSE Guesthouses to give you time to find suitable accommodation. The university does not provide direct assistance in renting an apartment, however, some trustworthy estate agents and relocation agencies which have English-speaking staff can be recommended: Intermark Relocation.

The most popular and reliable rental agency in Russian is CIAN. If you have someone who can help you contact Russian-speaking agents, you may be able to find an apartment via this agency.

Rental prices depend on the different requirements you have for your accommodation. The number of bedrooms, location, parking facilities, interior design, and security features are some key factors influencing the price. More detailed information about the price of apartments is available on the Cost of living in Moscow pages.

Household emergency

There are several ways of protecting yourself against the risk of unpleasant household incidents requiring the help of certain specialists (such as plumbers, electricians, pest control teams, etc.)

  • Ensuring there is a clause about resolving these situations in the rental contract. Your landlord should bear responsibility for troubleshooting issues regarding plumbing, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Signing a package agreement with a real-estate agency which includes 24/7 support and problem-solving for the apartment. This type of package is naturally pricier than a regular service.

If a problem arises, you should contact your landlord first, explain the situation and ask for help in dealing with the problem.

You can also contact to domestic support company No problem at home (top domestic services provider; Russian website and Russian speaking staff, but with positive references).