Research Productivity Assessment

Research Productivity Assessments (RPAs) are conducted in order to obtain information on the research activities of HSE University staff. All HSE University faculty members, including internationally hired faculty and researchers, must take part in the RPA process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my publications for an RPA?

Publications should be added to the publications database through your personal profile, which is hosted on the University’s website. Further details on this process are available on the Publication Verification Unit’s (PVU) website at If you have any technical questions in regards to adding new publications, please contact our colleagues at the PVU via e-mail at They speak English.

How is the assessment process organized?

  1. RPAs are conducted using an automated online system. This system automatically analyzes and selects publications that count towards your RPA.
  2. Points are assigned for each publication.
  3. The total number of points will be uploaded as confidential information to the personal profiles of RPA participants on HSE University’s website.

For what period do I have to submit my publications?

During the RPA process, publications produced over the past 2 years and the current year up until March 25 shall be reviewed.

Is there a deadline for submitting my publications?

Please make sure you add information on your publications to the database of research publications no later than March 25. Publications submitted after March 25 may not be taken into account.

What criteria are used during the assessment?

Points are assigned for different types of publications (e.g., books, chapters, articles, textbooks, etc.) according to the quality of the publisher or the journal (whether they are on HSE’s priority list and indexed by Web of Science and Scopus or not). Types of publications eligible for RPA purposes and points assigned for each type are presented in Annex 1 to the Procedure for Staff Research Productivity Assessment at National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Will all my publications be reviewed during the RPA process?

Only publishers and journals included on the list of eligible journals will be considered during the RPA process. If you have any questions concerning publishers, lists of journals and conferences, please contact out colleagues from Sceintometrics Centre at

What impact will RPA have on my status as an internationally recruited HSE faculty member?

Evaluations of internationally recruited HSE faculty members are carried out as routine monitoring in 2024 and will not entail any further consequences.

How is the RPA process related to interim and tenure reviews?

The set of documents you submit for review must include all your publications. In 2024 RPA results generally expedite the decision-making process with respect to a given candidate.

When and how do I get to know about my RPA results?

Your preliminary results are published in your personal profile on HSE University’s website on this page.

Are my results confidential? Will anyone else besides me have access to the results?

Persons with access to your results:

  1. the coordinator responsible for the RPA process at HSE University;
  2. members of the University-wide RPA committee;
  3. heads of HSE University departments.

Your results will not be disclosed to anyone else. Only generalized statistical data may be published.

What categories of staff are exempt from the RPA process?

  1. Staff awarded the honorary title (status) of HSE University’s Honorary Professor or HSE University Distinguished Professor;
  2. Pregnant women; staff on a maternity leave, as well as those who returned from a maternity leave less than 5 (five) years ago; staff on a childcare leave until a child reaches 3 (three) years of age, as well as those who have returned from a childcare leave less than 2 (two) years ago (upon request, provided that supporting documents are available);
  3. Staff who have been on sick leave for a long period (over six months) over the course of the past three years (upon their request, provided that supporting documents are available);
  4. Tenure-track employees working at HSE University less than 3 years.
Staff members, who are entitled to exemption from the RPA, may apply this right until March 15 by way of submitting a relevant request to the HSE University’s process automation system (the link to the form), indicating the grounds for exemption.
Tenure-track employees working less than 3 years are exempted from the RPA automatically.

Please see current year's regulations following the link
If you have further questions please address a coordinator of HSE Staff Research Productivity Assessment - Mikhail Miriakov (