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The HSE Look was an English supplement to the University bulletin Okna Rosta  published regularly till September 2023 and aimed at providing an English-speaking environment for discussing academic life at HSE University.

The HSE Look issues can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format (below) as well as viewed as news via The HSE Look tag.

Post-doctoral Experience at HSE University

HSE University is an institution dedicated to producing knowledge and exploring new ideas that ultimately aim to make the world a better place. In the latest issue of The HSE Look, we invite you to read about 11 international postdocs, who have been hired through the International Faculty Recruitment Initiative and kindly agreed to talk about their current projects at HSE University, which vary from neurobiology and applied mathematics to international affairs and engineering. We once again thank Rustam Asgarov, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Eriks Varpahovskis, Nivedita Kapoor, Abinash Das, Dongyu Liu, Louis Hanotel, Sanjay Dutta, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Malik, Sedat Alatas, Léo Planche and Pietro Annanias Shakarian for their contributions.

HSE_Look_No.1(57) (PDF, 1.03 Mb) 

HSE_Look_No.1(57)_Appendix (PDF, 733 Kb)

HSE Big Projects 

The current issue of The HSE Look explores the “Big Projects” initiative, launched by HSE Academic Supervisor Yaroslav Kuzminov in 2021. Because regardless the moments of crisis and drastic change, studies and research at HSE University carry on, as do projects that not only aim at education excellence but also enhance the impact the University has on what happens inside and outside its walls.

The issue starts off with an interview with Dr. Anastasia Stepanova, the head of the HSE Center for Development and Integration of Project Activities, who currently oversees the HSE 'Big Projects' programme. Dr. Anastasia Stepanova talked with The HSE Look about the programme’s goals and what it plans achieve. It continues with interviews with Dr. Mira Bergelson, who heads up the Big project on ‘Discourse practices of Russian society: professional and sociocultural perspectives’; Dr. Alexander Larichev, who oversees the track on ‘Ethics and the Law’ and Dr. Maxim Storchevoy, the curator of the ‘Ethics in Business’ track - both parts of the Applied Ethics Big project; and Dr. Evgeny Kazartsev, the head of the ‘Literature and society: the experience of socio-cultural description’ project. Each project leader also discuss their efforts in detail.

HSE_Look_No.3(56) (PDF, 317 Kb) 

HSE Mirror labs 

The current issue of The HSE Look explores mirror laboratories that were formed by experts from HSE University and other leading Russian academic institutions and provide opportunities for joint initiatives based on academic/industry partnerships, as well as give researchers a chance to delve into new topics or engage in truly interdisciplinary research.
As such, the issue starts off with an interview with Marina Litvintseva, the University’s Director for International Research, who explained how the need for mirror laboratories arose and the aims of this project. It continues with interviews with Sergei Kornienko, who heads up the mirror lab project “Migration as a factor of social transformation of Soviet regions during the post-war reconstruction period: an analysis through the digital humanities”; Nadezhda Lebedeva, who oversees the mirror lab project “Values and intercultural relations in the context of a transitive society: a cross-regional analysis”; Ilya Dolmatov, the head of the mirror lab project “Models of energy infrastructure development in Russia’s remote and isolated territories”; and Vasilii Gromov, who heads up the project “Intelligent data analysis for healthcare information systems”
As part of the Discovering Russia column, Dr. Olga Rotar talks of failure and bad experience as an integral part of learning.

HSE_Look_No.2(55) (PDF, 230 Kb) 

Silver jubilee of the HSE Perm 

As we continue celebrating remarkable anniversaries of HSE University, current issue is dedicated to HSE Campus in Perm and its silver jubilee. The Director of HSE Perm, Galina Volodina, opens up this issue, discussing the role the campus plays in developing general education in the region, as well as retaining local talent. Furthermore, Deputy Director Elena Shadrina further talks about the research the campus laboratories do and about their international teams. Aleksey Kychkin comments on project-based learning and commercial research, while Dinara Gagarina highlights the importance of digital methods for the humanities. In turn, Dr. Dmitri Vinogradov, an international scholar from Glasgow University, comments on his role in developing a postgraduate school in applied economics and management at the Perm campus.
As part of the Discovering Russia column, Dr. Harold A. Moreno-Franco shares his journey in “flavours” from Mexico to Russia.

HSE_Look_No.1(54) (PDF, 190 Kb) 

Tech Hub HSE 

We continue celebrating remarkable anniversaries of HSE University units and current issue is dedicated to HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM), which has been part of HSE University for the last 10 years and celebrates its 60 years of pioneering research next year. We start this issue with a very brief overview of MIEM’s development followed by an interview with Eugenii Krouk, Acting Director of MIEM since 2017, who kindly agreed to talk about how he got to HSE University, the changes he has sought to implement and his vision for MIEM’s further development. In addition, he identifies several core areas of research - wireless networks and information transfer, the physics of new materials, quantum methods and technologies, information security, mathematical modeling, statistical and computational genomics. These subjects are further elaborated upon by leading researchers from MIEM - Evgeny Kucheryavy, Andrey Vasenko, Fedor Ivanov, Sergey A. Aksenov and Vladimir Shchur. This issue’s ‘Discovering Russia’ column features Dr. Frank Fischer and his thoughts on things one cannot do when they are not in Moscow.
The current issue also includes its own supplement – a welcoming introduction of newly internationally recruited staff, as well as reflections on motivations to prolong contracts with HSE University of those who plan to stay with us for several more years. It also features Dr. Tiago Teixeira Saraiva who talked about his impressions of Moscow and research he is involved in at MIEM.

The HSE Look 5 (53), December 2021 (PDF, 400 Kb) 

The HSE Look 5 (53), December 2021_supplement (PDF, 862 Kb) 

HSE Nizhny Novgorod is 25 

This month the HSE community is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its campus in Nizhny Novgorod. We thus invite you to get to know the campus a bit more – its unique characteristics, the influence it has on the region, what it has achieved, the progress made and plans for further advancement. In this issue, Campus Director Anna Blyakhman shared her personal perspective of the Nizhny Novgorod campus’ journey up until the present, as well as its development strategies. Furthermore, Dr. Fomenkov and Dr. Roelfsema highlighted the important role played by the Faculty of Management in developing the Nizhny Novgorod entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dr. Savchenko commented about the new applied Master Programme on Computer Vision. In addition, Dr. Natalya Gronskaya spoke to us about the fundamental and applied aspects of the cerebral basis of language and their significance for the healthcare. As we have restarted our column about life in Russia, Dr. Kertesz-Farkas shared his tips on how to handle life in Moscow with small children.

The HSE Look 4 (52), September 2021 (PDF, 649 Kb) 

Riding the Wave 

One of the HSE University responses to both outside and inner challenges is the new educational standard for Master’s programmes. Vice Rector Sergey Roshchin, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and the Academic Supervisors of various programmes discuss new opportunities the standard brings for students to design their individual educational trajectories and help them to have an easier immersion into the future professional life. We also report on the outcomes of the XXII April Conference, our most influential academic event, which was not only held under a blended format this year but also had several important features added. And last but not least, we are happy to tell our readers that we have restarted our column about life in Russia – Dr Jamie Costley kindly shares his experience of making a fresh start at HSE University.
The HSE Look 3 (51), July 2021 (PDF, 1.33 Mb) 

Global Research and Teaching 

In this issue of The HSE Look, we consider the university’s roles of knowledge production and exchange from various angles. We feature interviews and comments on the two University-wide initiatives: a three-track system for academic staff development, and the Digital Professors programme. The theme is further developed in interviews with the heads of three new HSE University International Laboratories, along with the head of our Neuropsy Lab, a winner of the HSE Mirror Laboratories Competition.
The HSE Look 2 (50), April 2021 (PDF, 1.25 Mb) 

Postdoc Odyssey II 

In this and previous issues, we collated a wide range of views on the mission of HSE University Postdoctoral Fellowship, including its participants and organizers alike. In our December issue, we provided an institutional perspective: we heard from the heads of the University’s research centres who have been hosting international postdocs for several years and reaped the programme’s benefits. In this issue, we asked several alumni and current participants in the postdoctoral programme to comment on their experience at HSE University. They also kindly share pieces of advice that could have given them a head start – in the hope that they can provide others with inspiration.
The HSE Look 1 (49), March 2021 (PDF, 1.23 Mb) 

Postdoc Odyssey

The mobile nature of the postdoctoral position makes its holders ambassadors of global research. The HSE Look spoke to HSE international postdocs’ hosts about the history and the mission of the programme, collaboration, and postdocs’ trajectories. We will continue exploring these issues in the second part of this issue, which will be published in February. We are also delighted to introduce colleagues, who started their HSE postdoctoral fellowships this past Autumn.
The HSE Look 5 (48), December 2020 (PDF, 887 Kb) 

Digital University 

Higher education is flooded with stirring reflections on whether the pandemic has brought about more challenges or opportunities for teaching and learning. It’s a controversial debate, which leaves no university leader aside and the interviewee in this issue’s main story – Vice Rector Sergey Roshchin – has strong views on it. We also explore how two tenure track academics – Dr Mikhail Popov and Dr Anatoly Kharkhurin – are sharing their perspectives on loss of live social communication and the prospects for its digital transformation. And traditionally at the beginning of the academic year we are delighted to introduce colleagues, who received their tenures this past September. The HSE Look talked to them about their previous experience and plans of engaging with the concept of digital university.
The HSE Look 4 (47), October 2020 (PDF, 484 Kb) 

Planning for the Future

Summer is a very special time at HSE University: June – a busy time for exams; July – graduation; August – getting ready for autumn studies. And the coronavirus crisis couldn’t break this cycle, though it has reshaped significantly how universities operate. Vyshka is believed to be the most innovative and daring university in Russian for this reason. Facing such unprecedented challenges and demands, it has managed to redesign routines to continue developing and planning for the future. In this regard, The HSE Look talked to tenured professors from three different faculties: Dr Olga Baysha, Faculty of Communication Media and Design, Dr Udara Peiris, International College of Economics and Finance, and Dr Anton Suvorov, Faculty of Economic Sciences speak about their research and share advice to tenure-track academic staff. In addition, of course, we could not but tell our readers about the XXI April Conference. Our most important international academic event was held online this year, relying on a distributed format: Ivan Prostakov, Vice Rector for International Affairs, shared his comments on how this decision was made and whether it proved to be successful.
The HSE Look 3 (46), July 2020 (PDF, 1.07 Mb) 

Research amidst Uncertainty

In the turbulent times we are all experiencing now, the only thing which is obvious about the future is that the life will never be the same both personally and professionally. And that’s why it is noteworthy that HSE University continues its postdoctoral recruitment programmes. In view of this, our current issue of The HSE Look continues introducing the readers to the research done by the international postdoctoral fellows, through the interviews with colleagues Dr Isabelle R. Kaplan and Dr Sabyasachi Tripathi working in history and innovation respectively. We are also delighted to share the article from our parental bulletin “Okna Rosta” in which colleagues are giving advice on how to switch productively and less stressfully to the online mode of work.
The HSE Look 2 (45), April 2020 (PDF, 1.01 Mb) 

New Beginnings

A year’s beginning is a good time to reflect on the upcoming plans, and we gladly invite you to learn more about HSE’s involvement in online education and cooperation with universities in Russia’s regions. Traditionally, we also get a chance to learn more about research interests of international postdoctoral fellows working at HSE, and they tell us about research in history and nation-building, as well as about how to measure the influence of peers at schools on each other’s academic performance. To inspire you to explore the holiday season in Moscow, our columnist write about the special charm of the city’s winter, which we hope you will experience for yourself.
The HSE Look 1 (44), January 2020 (PDF, 1.38 Mb) 

Bringing the Change to Life

For a large part of this year the university has been abuzz with the preparation of the HSE Development Programme 2030, with several rounds of changes introduced through discussions at the faculties and central level. In the light of this, we would like to introduce the readers to an overall view of the upcoming changes in the light of HSE’s growth as a globally oriented research university through an interview with Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov. Of course, ambitious plans are not the only new thing in this academic year – as always, we are delighted to present interviews with three of HSE’s new tenure-track faculty members – Evgeny Sedashov, Anatoly Kharkhurin, and Kyle Marquardt. And last but not least, this issue’s columnist Ian Henderson invites the readers to explore more closely the city around HSE main buildings at Myasnitskaya and Pokrovskiy Boulevard.
The HSE Look 3(43) November 2019 (PDF, 960 Kb) 

Exploring Beyond the Familiar

In its summer issue The HSE Look presents HSE’s campus in Perm through the interviews about its development, international cooperation and research.  Andrey Yakovlev and Ivan Prostakov talk about the highlights of the 20th conference before the new conference call, and Angelina Lucento takes us all on an exciting journey through the Avant-Garde collections of lesser known Russian museums.
The HSE Look July 2019 (PDF, 1.20 Mb) 

Learning Beyond Classroom

The 41st issue of The HSE Look is devoted to teaching and to introducing several of HSE’s postdocs. The issue begins with the highlights of the study on international classroom at HSE conducted byHSE Centre for Institutional Research, originally published by Okna Rosta.Jan Surman and Vera Smirnova speak about their research interests and about the ways they involve students in research. Iain Ferguson tells how his three years at HSE have helped his research in international relations, and last but not least, in this issue’s column ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’ Mahama Tawat invites the readers on a journey through the world of Afro-Latin dancing in Moscow.
 The HSE_Look 1(41)_March 2019.pdf

New People, New Thinking

40th issue of The HSE Look is devoted to introducing new colleagues focusing on postdoctoral fellows and featuring the youngest HSE staff member, Isaac the Robot. International postdocs share their research interests in three different fields – in social sciences, in international law, and in extragalactic physics, and this issue’s column “Discovering HSE and Russia’ explores the questions of authenticity and cultural exchange using the example of Japanese restaurants in Moscow.

 The HSE Look 5(40) December 2018

International Recruitment at HSE

Variety of the ways to explore HSE is one of its cornerstones, and the start of the academic year offers a good chance to talk about the career opportunities within different international recruitment tracks. Through an interview with Vice-Rector Vadim Radaev the readers can learn more about how international recruitment developed at HSE and influenced the university life. As this year’s new faculty members can attest in short introductions, their paths to tenure-track positions were quite different, and some were previously postdocs at HSE - Arnab Roy Chowdhury shares his experience. However, exploration does not have to stop at the university itself, as evidenced by Nadia Moro’s account of her travels in Yakutia for the column ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’. Last but not least, XX April Conference on Economic and Social Development has opened its call for proposals, and we hope the readers will find suitable topics to share their research discoveries with colleagues. 
 The HSE Look 4(39) October 2018

Local Deeds, Global Thinking

In this summer issue we continue introducing HSE campuses, focusing on HSE Nizhniy Novgorod through an interview with Valery Zusman. We also talk more about education programmes at HSE Nizhniy Novgorod with Deputy Director Anna Blyakhman, get an inside look into the work of the Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis with its head Valery Kalyagin, and travel to discover different Russias with Victor Albert, one of HSE’s international faculty members. 
 The HSE Look 3(38) July 2018.pdf

Getting Involved

In this issue of The HSE Look we would like to share several stories which might inspire to join the existing projects or start new ones. We present the interview with Prof. Fuad Aleskerov about the April conference and its role in informing the public debate and furthering research, as well as share impressions from international faculty. To showcase the variety of initiatives at HSE, we are glad to present the vibrant community of the German-language research conference Welt und Wissenschaft through  an interview with Yulia Pasko. Traditionally, we also share the announcements of upcoming visits by invited scholars. Last but not least, we present the ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’ columns by Arnab Roy Chowdhury and Brian McLoone
 The HSE Look 2(37) May 2018.pdf

Sharing the Road to Discoveries

In this issue of The HSE Look, we are happy to present three different takes on a long-running format of professional discussion of research - a seminar series, so as to both bring additional attention to events themselves, as well as enable organizers to share their experience with other colleagues. We hope that you will enjoy reading about the seminars in History, Sociology and Philosophy at different HSE schools and campuses.

The HSE Look  continues to explore the topic of cross-campus connections via an interview with Professor Barajas. We hope you will find useful the call for applications to the Teaching Excellence workshops as well as take a mindful moment to enjoy the personal account of Lili di Puppo on how to both keep one’s inward focus and discover the world around through practising yoga, as well as Nadia Moro’s praise to the snowfall
 The HSE Look 1(36) March 2018.pdf

Boosting Research

It is no wonder that the end-of-the-year issue of The HSE Lookat a research university is about research. In the December issue we give an overview of the Research Productivity Assessment monitoring through an interview with Dmitriy Dagaev. The issue also focuses on the introduction of postdoctoral fellows who have joined the university’s laboratories and centres this academic year, and presents useful personal insights by Tim Jaekel in the column “Discovering HSE and Russia”
 The HSE Look 5(35) December 2017.pdf

HSE Mosaic

In its 34th issue The HSE Look presents HSE campus in St. Petersburg in an interview with its Director Sergey Kadochnikov and with DAAD long-term Associate Professor at the School of History, Dietmar Wulff. As per tradition, The HSE Look gives brief introductions of the new tenure-track faculty which joined HSE this September. In this issue we are launching a new feature: a column ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’ written by international faculty for their colleagues so as to help them explore the rich cultural and geographical variety offered by Russian cities. Besides all that, as usual, we are happy to invite you to apply for the April Conference on Economic and Social Development. 
 The HSE Look 4(34) October 2017.pdf  

Multum in Parvo

With HSE turning 25 this year, The HSE Look will be telling more about HSE’s outstanding projects, and in its 33rd issue we are focusing on International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), which is perhaps best known for its successful double degree Bachelor’s programme with the University of London. In addition to the interview with ICEF Director, Sergey Yakovlev, in which he speaks about ICEF history, achievements and future plans, the readers will also learn about ICEF team, its study programmes, research,  special opportunities for talented students, as well as about the extracurricular work with students and international cooperation
 The HSE Look 3(33) July 2017

Reaching out Beyond the Campus

In its 32nd issue The HSE Look  is focused on HSE’s projects which reach out beyond the campus.  We’ll explore both the local focus, through open events held by Graduate School of Urbanism and public lectures in English within HSE Talks project, as well as a wider outreach through Summer University programme.  Of course, we could not go without touching upon the April Conference, and, traditionally, we announce the upcoming visits of international scholars, supported by institutional funding, as well as the open call for Teaching Excellence workshops. 
 The HSE Look 2(32) April 2017.pdf

Drive for the Change

The February issue of The HSE Look is focused on how HSE makes its education model more flexible in response to global transformations, and two Academic Supervisors of English-taught programmes share their experience in an interview.  The HSE Look also presents a new series of public events for discussions on philosophy, and the upcoming visits of guest scholars and lecturers to different HSE departments, as well as the open call for funding their visits.
 The HSE_Look (1)31 February 2017.pdf (PDF, 622 Kb)

Development Strategies for Research and Teaching

In its 30th issue The HSE Look is focusing on the latest developments in research and teaching strategies at HSE. It provides a brief overview of Strategic Academic Unites and introduces the new post-doc researchers and their topics of interest. Concerning the teaching process, The HSE Look presents a new funding opportunity for inviting colleagues to share the best teaching practices, as well as teaching advice from international faculty members who’ve been at HSE for several years.
The HSE Look 5(30) December 2016 (PDF, 1.10 Mb)

Bridging Global Standards and Local Features

In its 29th issue The HSE Look presents the Faculty of Law through an interview with its Dean, Prof. Evgeny Salygin, as well as introduces new tenure-track international faculty. As usual, the issue provides short announcements about Visiting Scholars, and an interview with one of them – a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar in Sustainable Development, Prof. David Wirth.
The HSE Look 4(29) October 2016 (PDF, 800 Kb)

Art and Science of Communication 

In its 28th issue The HSE Look presents the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design through interviews with its Deputy Deans and Professors. With the end of the academic year comes the time of HSE Best Teacher Award, and we are glad to share the new procedures and tips from awardees of previous years with the English-speaking readers. Summertime is ahead,but it is already time to make plans for the fall - we present the upcoming short-term visits of guest scholars to HSE and an opportunity to give a short public lecture at HSE Day in September. 
The_HSE_LOOK_3(28)July_2016 (PDF, 438 Kb) 

Measuring Research, Researching the Measures

In its 27th issue The HSE Look presents the work of the Scientometrics Centre and how research results are measured at HSE. We also continue the tradition of interviews with international faculty and visiting scholars: five of them talk about their research and teaching projects in Moscow, Perm and Nizhniy Novgorod, and guests and speakers from the April Conference share their impressions of HSE’s flagship conference.
The_HSE_LOOK_2(27), May_2016 (PDF, 472 Kb)

Going Beyond the Borders

In its 26th issue The HSE Look introduces the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs and HSE’s Massive open online courses (MOOCs), with two professors sharing their experience of preparing and running MOOCs. We also start a new tradition of interviews with visiting scholars, and present to you the upcoming visits for March and April.
The HSE Look 1(26), March 2016 (PDF, 376 Kb) 

People Make Science

In its 25th issue The HSE Look introduces this year’s post-docs and the laboratories and centers which recruit them. Many of the researchers shared with The HSE Look their research interests, and we will present these interviews to the readers in this issue and in the upcoming months of 2016.
The HSE Look 8(25), December 2015 (PDF, 953 Kb)

Something Old, Something New

In its 24th issue The HSE Look introduces the readers to the Faculty of Business and Management, to The Foresight Centre and to the new international faculty and visiting scholars. It also provides a guide to mid-term grading and covers the highlights of HSE Day and HSE’s international positioning efforts.
The HSE Look 7(24) October 2015 (PDF, 747 Kb)

International Laboratories and Centers at HSE: Doing Global Research and Involving Students

In its 23rd issue The HSE Look presents to you international laboratories and centers at HSE through the interviews with Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis (LATNA) and with The International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID). We also introduce Jesse Campbell, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Administration, and share the information about the short-term visits of international scholars to HSE in July.
The HSE Look 6(23), June 2015 (PDF, 314 Kb)

Faculty of Computer Science: an Impressive Start

In its 22nd issue The HSE Look brings to your attention the Faculty of Computer Science. We also introduce Geoffrey Decrouez, Assistant Professor at the School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, and share the information about the upcoming short-term visits of international scholars to HSE in June.
The HSE Look 5(22), May 2015 (PDF, 313 Kb)

Presenting Academic Achievements

In April The HSE Look is devoted to  presentation of academic achievements . We cover the  XVI April Conference  – presentations of plenary speakers and impressions of international participants.  Keyong Hun Lee , Assistant Professor at the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), shares his research projects and experience of working with students at HSE. We also present a chance to  subscribe to alerts on new funding opportunities  and to tell HSE at large about your research  and publications.
The HSE Look 4(21), April 2015 (PDF, 298 Kb)

The Faculty of Humanities: Liberal Arts United 

The 20th issue of The HSE Look is ready for reading and downloading! We devoted this edition to the Faculty of Humanities launched at HSE in December 2014. The Dean, Professor Alexey Rutkevich, discussed the new opportunities and challenges connected with the foundation of this large faculty. Vladimir Unkovski-Korica, an Assistant Professor at the School of History, presents his monograph The Economic Struggle for Power in Tito’s Yugoslavia: from World war II to Non-Alignment. The Welcome Aboard section features an interview with Nadia Moro, an Assistant Professor at the School of Philosophy, who began working at HSE in September 2014.
The HSE Look 3 (20), March 2015 (PDF, 334 Kb)

Research at HSE: the Power of Collaboration

In our February edition we have begun a series on research life at HSE. The International Laboratory for Applied Network Research shares their experience of starting up a research unit and successful collaboration with colleagues and students. Marco Colosio, a PhD student at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making moderates the Journal Club in cognitive neuroscience and neuroeconomics and shares his experience of working in such a discussion group. And finally, we congratulate Assistant Professors Udara Peiris and Dina Balalaeva on the acceptance of their articles for publication and wish them further success in their academic endeavors.
The HSE Look 2 (19), Feb. 2015 (PDF, 305 Kb)

The Faculty of Mathematics: A Niche for Talented People Who Don't Want to Deal with Ideology

In the first issue of The HSE Look in 2015 we bring our Faculty of Mathematics into the spotlight. The Dean of the Faculty, professor Sergei Lando, speaks about mathematical education in Russia then and now and gives his insights into the academic life of our mathematical collective. We are glad to welcome aboard new colleagues with international backgrounds, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Satoshi Kondo and Postdoctoral Fellow Alexandra Skripchenko. And last but not least, there is a short overview of changes that have occurred on the HSE website, including new design of faculty profile pages.
The HSE Look 1(18) January 2015 (PDF, 323 Kb)

Holiday Celebrations Around the World: HSE Professors Discuss Their Countries' Traditions

Winter holidays have come and the New Year’s issue of The HSE Look is here to add to the festive mood. This is a special edition: our international professors and postdocs share winter holiday customs from their countries and offer seasonal greetings to their colleagues. One of our contributors shared a Bergamasque tradition of singing Pastorèla (dialect name for “pastorale”). Visit the website of Gandino village and enjoy several variants of pastorela of Gandino. The Welcome Aboard section features an interview with Matteo Feurra, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences who started working at HSE in September 2014.
The HSE Look 10(17), Dec. 2014 (PDF, 603 Kb)

The Faculty of Economics: the Oldest at a Young University

In our November issue we will continue our series profiling the new breakdown of HSE Faculties. This time we will bring the Faculty of Economics into the spotlight. The Faculty’s Dean, Oleg Zamulin, explains how the faculty was formed and outlines the current major development priorities.  The HSE LooK would like to welcome aboard new international professors that began their work at the Faculty of Economics in September 2015, Assistant Professors Quentin Paris and Levent Celik.
The HSE LooK 9 (16), Nov. 2014 (PDF, 78 Kb)

Social Sciences under One Roof

In this edition we will take a closer look at the Faculty of Social Sciences, its departments, people and projects. New international academics Marie Arsalidou and Tadamasa Sawada, both Assistant Professors at the School of Psychology, and Mahama Tawat, Assistant Professor at the Public Policy Department, introduce themselves in short interviews where they discuss their plans and aspirations. A short report from the seminar on the EU-funded plan to support researchers, “Horizon-2020” and the Russian Federal Targeted Programme to support research and development, round out the issue.
Issue 8(15), Oct. 2014 (PDF, 71 Kb)

Autumn’s Winds of Change       

The September 2014 edition gives an overview of the important changes and new projects taking place this academic year. We will also begin introducing faculty that has recently joined HSE. New international professors and postdoctoral fellows speak here about their plans for the coming year. Read interviews with Christopher Brav, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics; Vladimir Unkovski-Korica, Assistant Professor at the faculty of History; Hanzhou Pang, postdoc at the Institute of Education; and Emre Dogan, postdoc at the International Laboratory of  Decision Choice and Analysis. And last but not least, there’s a report on the HSE Day 2014 where fun was had by all!
Issue 7(14), Sept. 2014 (PDF, 89 Kb)

Sailing to the End of the Year

The July issue of The HSE LooK is the final one for the academic year 2013-2014. So we dedicated it to the topic of constructive communication. We talked to several generations of international faculty at HSE to find out what this year was like for them. The issue features  interviews with Assistant Professors at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dina Balalaeva and Ruben Flores; Assistant Professors at the International College of Economics and Finance, Emiliano Catonini, Udara Peiris and Anna Yurko;as well as Olga Baysha, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design; Vladimir Panov, Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis; and Eren Arbatli, Assistant Professor at the Department of Theoretical Economics.
Issue 6(13), July 2014 (PDF, 80 Kb)

Teaching Matters

This issue is once again devoted to teaching. What is the procedure for writing a course syllabus at HSE? What is the LMS? What is teachers’ election? These and other questions will be answered here. We give some advice on how to write a course syllabus. Here are several course syllabi that can be used as examples: History of Russian Emigration, Sustainable Regional Development, and Corporate Business as a Public Policy Actor. We speak to Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Sarah Busse Spencer, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sociology, who share their teaching experiences at our university. By way of conclusion, Sergey Stepanov, Assistant Professor at ICEF and the Faculty of Economics, speaks about his work on a Coursera online course.
Issue 5(12), May 2014 (PDF, 79 Kb)

Tracking the Track

The 11th issue of the bulletin explores the tenure track system at HSE. How does it function in our university? What are the requirements for interim and final reviews? We spoke to Vice Rector Konstantin Sonin and the Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies, Martin Gilman to find out. Additionally, The HSE LooK talked to international participants of the XV International April Conference and they kindly shared their impressions from this big academic event.
Issue 4(11), Apr. 2014 (PDF, 70 Kb)

Postdocs on the Track

Our tenth issue is devoted to postdocs. We talk to current postdocs, Seth Bernstein, Michael Rochlitz, Irina Andrievskaya and former postdoctoral fellow and current Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sociology, Lili Di Puppo. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter also shares his experience of being a postdoc in Germany.
Issue 3(10), March 2014 (PDF, 137 Kb)

A Step on the Path to Success: Publishing Working Papers at HSE

Our ninth issue focuses on the working papers series published at HSE. In particular, we examine what opportunities are offered and how to publish a paper within the Basic Research Programme. Find answers to these questions and more in the article. Dirk Meissner, Research Professor at the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, speaks about his work as a researcher, author and editor. 
Issue 2(09), Feb. 2014 (PDF, 133 Kb)

Living for Books: the HSE Publishing House

Our first issue in 2014 is devoted to publishing. The main article is devoted to University’s own publishing house,its activities and projects. Andrej Krickovic, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, speaks about peer-review publications in an interview. He also talks about the researchers’ working group he initiated to discuss papers before publishing.
Issue 1(08), Jan. 2014 (PDF, 89 Kb)

Road to top 100

Our final issue in 2013 focuses on HSE’s participation in the Global Competitiveness Programme 5-100, a project that aims to promote Russian higher education and research institutions at the international level. Martin Beisswenger, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of History, discusses University development plans and speaks about his move to Russia.
Issue 7(07), Dec. 2013 (PDF, 79 Kb)

International Faculty Recruitment in 2013

Our sixth issue of 2013 is dedicated to international faculty recruitment at HSE. Carsten Sprenger, Assistant Professor at the HSE International College of Economics and Finance, was one of the first international professors arriving at the University. He speaks about academic life at HSE and brings some current issues to the fore. 
Issue 6(06), Nov. 2013 (PDF, 85 Kb)

Research Travel Grants

The fifth issue of The HSE LooK explains how to use a research travel grant and finance a trip to academic events taking place outside Russia. Ekim Arbatli, Assistant Professor at the Department of Politics, shares her experience of working at the University. 
Issue 5(05), Oct. 2013 (PDF, 84 Kb)

Teaching at HSE

A brief overview of some essential things one should know about teaching at the University can be found in this issue of our bulletin. John P. Round, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sociology, speaks about his plans for the future and touches upon some internal processes taking place at HSE. 
Issue 4(04), Sept. 2013 (PDF, 72 Kb)

International Advisory Committee 2013

The third issue of The HSE LooK gives an overview of the main topics discussed at the May Meeting of the International Advisory Committee, the consulting body that evaluates and comments on the University’s development program in 2012. Christopher Swader, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sociology, shared his thoughts on working at HSE in an interview.
Issue 3(03), June 2013 (PDF, 87 Kb)

Teaching Assistants

Our second issue some important practical information, such as how to apply for teaching assistants at HSE. This edition starts a series of interviews with international faculty. Our first interview partner is Valentina Kuskova, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management, who speaks about her work as a teacher and instructor at HSE.
Issue 2 (02), May 2013 (PDF, 650 Kb)

Our First Issue

This is the first issue of The HSE LooK, a new English supplement to the University bulletin Okna Rosta. It is aimed at providing the internationally recruited faculty with more information regarding the opportunities and administrative procedures at HSE. In this edition you will find some practical details on short-term sabbatical leaves and summer schools at HSE.
Issue 1(01), Apr. 2013 (PDF, 280 Kb)