Visiting Scholars: Upcoming Visits

HSE provides institutions funding for two programmes which allow Schools and Departments to invite international colleagues to teach courses to students and collaborate on research (Visiting Scholars) and to organise workshops for teachers in order to introduce new methods and approaches to work within and outside classroom (Teaching Excellence).

The HSE Look presents brief information about the upcoming visits – please, refer to the host departments for more details.

Visiting Scholar programme

Daniel Ibanez, Research Associate at Harvard GSD, USA
Host department: Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design
Dates: June 04-11, 2018
Christine Whitehead, Emeritus Professor at London School of Economics, UK
Host department: Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism
Dates: September 2018
Nello Barile, Assistant Professor at International University of Language and Media, Italy
Host department: School of Media
Dates: September 2018
Teaching Excellence programme

Anton Dzhamay, Professor at College of Natural and Health Sciences, University of Northern Colorado, USA
Host department: Faculty of Mathematics
Dates: May 14-31, 2018
Miriam Finkelstein, Assistant Professor at University of Innsbruck, Austria
Host department: Faculty of Humanities
Dates: September 24-30, 2018
James Thomas, Head of the teacher training unit in the Faculty of Arts (Freelance ELT author and teacher trainer. Until July 2016 - Masaryk University)
Host department: Faculty of Economics, Management, and Business Informatics (HSE campus Perm)
Dates: September 23-29, 2018
Andrew Janco, Assistant Professor at Haverford College, USA
Host department: Faculty of Humanities
Dates: October 01-10, 2018

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