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From Mexico to Russia: A Journey in Flavours

The HSE Look is restarting its column about life in Russia, what can be discovered in its various cities, and the interesting venues at HSE University and beyond. Dr. Harold A. Moreno-Franco, Associate Professor at the HSE Department of Statistics and Data Analysis, talks about his impressions of Mexican and Russian cuisine, as well as the local eating habits.

Breaking Records Every Day

Tiago Teixeira Saraiva
Tiago Teixeira Saraiva, Research Fellow at the Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory, has talked to the HSE LooK about joining HSE University back in 2019, making breakthroughs in superconductivity research, and working with Russian students. He also shares what makes Moscow particularly attractive for him and gives a useful tip to future postdoc fellows at HSE University.

Moscow Imaginations

Ice Rink in Gorky Park
In his column for the latest edition of The HSE Look, Dr. Frank Fischer, Affiliated Researcher at the School of linguistics, shares his impressions about his favourite Moscow haunts and activities.