ICEF Academia: for Curious and Brilliant Minds

In addition to the already intense studies, ICEF offers students a chance to gain even deeper knowledge of Economics and Finance. ICEF Academia is a special programme aimed at students who excel at their studies and who want to acquire additional skills and knowledge. Recently the international faculty developed a new track called the Advanced Research Programme, aimed at students interested in doing more research during their studies and who consider pursuing an academic career in future. This project is supervised by several ICEF faculty members, including Dmitry Makarov, Emiliano Catonini and Udara Peiris.
Udara Peiris
This is a project we set up three years ago, and ICEF Director Sergei Yakovlev was very supportive and encouraging of this endeavor. We wanted to encourage ICEF students to think seriously about going on to PhD programmes, because they are definitely among the best in the world, but more importantly, to start seeing their institution as a place where you learn how to learn.
The Advanced Research Programme holds several meetings and conferences for the students around twice a year where they present their research and get feedback from other students and faculty. They work closely with ICEF faculty and do quite outstanding research, which would be suitable for a PhD thesis. Even if they go to work in the industry, these analytical skills will be useful.
Emiliano Catonini
We have many people at ICEF who do great research in different fields and students who are interested in doing more than just learn during the classes, so we try to pull these two resources together in order to get students do quality research. We can show to the students where the research frontier is, but the direction in which to cross it is to be found by them. They acquire the tools to do something new, both at the very practical and technical level. Our students pursuing PhD studies and academic careers at the best academic institutions will help ICEF to have a stronger connection with the rest of the world not only through our faculty members, but also through our students as ambassadors of ICEF and its research reputation.

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