Coordinators/Lab managers and the International Faculty Support Centre: Areas of Responsibility

HSE University’ international faculty receives support at two levels. With respect to the faculty/lab level, support shall be provided by faculty coordinators or lab managers. In turn, the International Faculty Support Centre offers support at the University-wide level.

Faculty coordinators and Lab managers

Faculty coordinators and Lab managers are the primary contacts for all issues associated with the activities of international faculty members, including:

  • document flow (e.g., memos for business trips and research funds, applications for leave, etc.);
  • communications with the Accounting Office;
  • ordering office equipment and various supplies;
  • organization of the work place.

International Faculty Support Centre

If an international faculty member experiences unexpected difficulties in getting in contact with his/her coordinator or a lab manager, the issue shall be then addressed to the International Faculty Support Centre. The Centre is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • organizing events aimed at fostering successful integration of internationally recruited faculty into the HSE University community, both professionally and culturally;
  • monitoring and analyzing difficulties with respect to international faculty recruitment and hiring procedures;
  • the creation of info-space for internationally recruited faculty and their host departments;
  • trouble-shooting of issues encountered by international faculty members.

Internationally recruited staff are kindly asked to address their questions or enquiries either to coordinators/lab managers or managers at the International Faculty Support Centre – depending on the given areas of responsibility.