Entrance Pass

For security purposes, HSE students, faculty, staff and guests are required to have identification to enter all university buildings.

What identification do I need if I am a faculty or staff member?

After an employee has gone through the official employment procedure, he or she receives an electronic pass. This pass allows free access to all HSE buildings through the turnstiles and electronic doors. To enter or exit the building touch your electronic pass against the electronic pad of the turnstile. In the event of turnstile or door malfunction, please notify the security officer. Sharing passes or using someone else’s electronic pass to enter HSE buildings is prohibited.

How do I enter the building if I don’t have my electronic pass with me?

You will have to get a visitor’s pass to enter HSE buildings. Please contact your coordinator or other person at your department who can offer administrative support. If your electronic pass is lost or damaged, a new pass must be issued.

How do I order a visitor’s pass?

A visitor’s pass is issued for temporary visits. It must be ordered in advance by someone who has access to the temporary pass electronic system. To order a pass for a visitor, please contact your coordinator or other person responsible for administrative support at your department.

When are HSE buildings open?

HSE buildings are open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 11pm; they are closed on Sundays and national holidays.