Health Insurance for Family Members

Who are considered family members?

Spouses and children are regarderd as family members.

How can I obtain health insurance (e.g., for newborns)?

HSE University can provide HQS employees and members of their family with health insurance for the entire period of their employment at the University. To obtain a medical insurance policy, please send scans of the necessary documents (passports and birth certificates) of your family members to If these documents have been issued in a foreign language, they must be translated into Russian (i.e., through the HSE Expert Translation Centre).

The University can also provide medical insurance policies to the spouses and children of specialists with Russian citizenship, who have been hired under international recruiting campaigns.

Please note that the children (aged 0-18) and the elderly (aged 60+) with Russian citizenship are insured on the terms of cofinancing.

HSE University covers the value of their VHI policies in an amount up to 70 000 RUB.