Office of Information Technology

Please refer to services provided by the HSE IT Office and terms of submitting applications to the User Support Unit.

The User Support Unit’s main tasks are to:

  • Ensure performance of HSE equipment;
  • Repair, maintain and upgrade;
  • Provide antivirus works;
  • Setup and maintain HSE staff working places;
  • Participate in planning, forming and application of HSE technical policy in choosing personal computers, peripherals, audio, video and copy appliances, and software;
  • Work out technical specifications for the purchase of equipment, technical statements on tender results;
  • Carry out equipment acceptance, preparation, and installation at workplaces, classrooms (including software installation);
  • Prepare technical statement on discarding failed and out-of-date equipment with subsequent recycling.

How can applications be submitted to the IT Office for HSE users’ support?

All applications to the IT Office are formed in SmartPoint system in your personal account: Please kindly ask your coordinator for assistance.

After your application is processed, you will be sent an automatically generated confirmation.