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Visiting Scholars at HSE: Calls for Funding Open

Joint efforts tend to bring better and more interesting results: that’s why the School of Philosophy has launched its Colloquium meetings where HSE faculty (both internationally and locally recruited) and visiting scholars will be presenting and discussing their research. The events are open to everyone, and the first talk, devoted to a popular for February topic of love, gathered faculty and students alike.

Stefan Höhne
, Assistant Professor at Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Host department at HSE: School of Sociology

Dates: February 20 - 25, 2017


Barth Lawrence, Professor of Urbanism in the Housing and Urbanism Programme at the Graduate School of the Architectural

Host programme at HSE: Master’s programme ‘Urban Development and Spatial Planning

Dates: February 24 - March 02, 2017


Kisselev (Kirichenko) Olesya, PhD Candidate (ABD) in Applied Linguistics, the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania

Host programme at HSE: Master’s programme 'Linguistic Theory and Language Description'

Dates: March 25 - April 02, 2017


Labov Jessie, Professor of Center for Media, Data, and Society, Central European University

Host programme at HSE: Bachelor’s programme 'History'

Dates: April 09 - 15, 2017


Herman Joost, Professor in Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian Action, Director of Globalisation Studies at Groningen University, President of Network On Humanitarian Action, Board Member and Head of General Secretariat of the International Humanitarian Study Association

Host programme at HSE: Master’s programme ‘Population and Development’

Dates: April 09 - 13, 2017


Seel Norbert M., Founder and co-editor of the journal ‘Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning’, co-editor of the book series “Modeling and Simulation in Education”, editor of social sciences section of ‘SpringerPlus’ (multifunctional edition)

Host programme at HSE: Master’s programme ‘Management in Higher Education’

Dates: April 16 - 23, 2017

The HSE Look
is happy to promote the opportunity to invite colleagues from universities abroad for lectures and collaboration to HSE. Please, find details at https://visitingscholar.hse.ru/en/ website.

The calls for funding are open at the Faculties and at the university-wide commission.

To find the dates when HSE faculties are accepting applications, please contact a coordinator from the list below:

University-wide commission accept applications until February 28:
- from HSE’s regional campuses;
- from HSE’s subdivisions that are not part of faculties and are not associated with them;
- applications with total requested funding in excess of 150 000 RUB (on the condition that at least 30% of the total amount is co-funded).

Travel and accommodation costs as well as honorarium can be requested in the application for inviting a visiting scholar to HSE. Please, mind, that there are certain limitations and procurement procedures which have to be followed if the application receives funding, so it is best to consult the coordinators at your faculty as well as follow the suggestions on https://visitingscholar.hse.ru/en/ website.