HR Procedures

Upon your arrival and obtainment of a work permit, certain formalities must be followed. For the purpose of completing your employment at HSE University, HR Department organises HR Procedures Day. You will be informed about the exact date by the Centre for International Support.

HR Procedures for Non-Russian citizens

If an employee is a foreign citizen, a number of documents should be signed:

  • acknowledgment form for HSE's internal regulations and procedures;
  • academic staff record card;
  • employment directive;
  • consent form for personal data processing;
  • employee personal record form;
  • occupational health and safety briefing journal;
  • fire safety briefing journal;
  • application for an employment record book;
  • tax residency status application.

The following documents should be brought to the HR department to be copied:
  • passport;
  • migration card;
  • registration;
  • HQS card;
  • documents, confirming measles vaccination status; 
  • medical certificates;
  • fingerprinting card.
HR procedures for Russian citizens
If an employee is a citizen of the Russian Federation, a number of documents should be signed:
  • employment agreement;
  • acknowledgment form for the HSE internal regulations and procedures;
  • academic staff record card;
  • employment directive;
  • consent form for personal data processing;
  • employee personal record form (T-2);
  • tax residency status application (resident - non-resident);
  • instructions on health and fire safety regulations.

The following documents should be brought to the HR department to be copied:

  • national passport;
  • international passport;
  • taxpayer ID number (TIN);
  • pension insurance certificate;
  • employment record book (will be issued by HSE if an employee does not possess one, but its cost will be deducted from his/her salary);
  • clear criminal record certificate;
  • military registration document (военный билет, only for persons liable for military service).

Initial Medical Check-up and Clear Criminal Record Certificate

In order to fully complete the employment procedure, HSE University employees must submit three certificates within two months:

  1. medical check-up certificate;
  2. documents, confirming measles vaccination status;
  3. mandatory psychiatric examination certificate;
  4. clear criminal record certificate.

Documents, confirming measles vaccination status

According to Russian legislation, all non-Russian employees are required to inform the employer (HSE University) about their measles vaccination status. To comply with this requirement, the following documents are acceptable: 

  • medical certification or an extract from your medical records confirming your measles vaccination;

  • an international vaccination certificate issued in your home country, accompanied by a Russian translation (e.g., ICV, Yellow Card, etc.);

  • a vaccination certificate issued in Russia;

  • a measles antibody test result conducted and issued by a Russian medical organization.

Mandatory psychiatric examination

The examination includes:

  • psychiatrist’s consultation;
  • collection of complaints and anamnesis;
  • psychopathological examination.

 In order to get the appointment you or your coordinator should contact Vlada Satina at +7 (495) 772 95 90, ext. 15503 or

The clinic’s address is Zemlyanoy val Str., 34A/1 (Kurskaya/Chkalovskaya metro stations).


Medical Check-up Certificate

All relevant information for your initial and regular (annual) medical check-up (addresses of polyclinics and procedure) is listed at this link.

Please make sure you bring the follwing the documents:

  • passport;
  • passport’s notarized translation + its copy;
  • current HQS card if you have it on hand;
  • migration card;
  • registration slip;
  • copies of all the above mentioned documents, including the passport page with Russian visa.


Clear Criminal Record Certificate, Insurance number of the Individual Personal Account (in Russian СНИЛС = SNILS), Tax Individual Number (TIN = ИНН in Russian)

A clear criminal record certificate and SNILS can be issued by the local ‘My Documents’ multifunctional centres (Многофункциональный центр «Мои документы»). Please ask whether the 'My Documents' multifunctional centre you have chosen can issue TIN (not all multifunctional centres issue TIN).

The closest centres to Myasnitskaya Str. and Pokrovsly Blvd. are:

Nastasyinsky Lane, 7 (Tverskaya/Pushkinskaya/Chekhovskaya metro stations)
Bakhrushina Str., 13 (Paveletskaya metro station)
Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane, 20 (Kropotkinskaya metro station)
Enthusiast Blvd., 2 (Ploschad Ilyicha/Rimskaya metro stations)
Bolshaya Semenovskaya Str., 23A (Elektrozavodkskaya metro station)

Working hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 - 20:00

Documents you need to bring:

          • passport;
          • passport's notarized translation;
          • registration slip;
          • migration card.

After your first visit, you will be given a receipt confirming your application concerning the clear criminal record and the number of SNILS. Please make sure that you collect the clear criminal record within around one month after you submit the application.

TIN can be obtained by submitting an application on the website of the Federal Tax Service. To proceed with your application, you must visit the chosen office of the Federal Tax Service within the time period specified in your application and the response letter from the website. Your TIN will be ready in 5 working days from the visit to the Federal Tax Service office.

If you do not speak Russian please ask your coordinator to assist you in completing the application and guide you on the further steps to be taken. 

After collecting the documents, please send copies to (HR Office) and bring the original of a clear criminal record certificate directly to the HR Office at 20 Myasnitskaya Street, Room М20-516. 

The certificates are issued by Russian-speaking institutions. Please be advised to kindly ask your designated coordinators to accompany you, if needed.