Visas for Family Members

If you are an HQS-holder and have non-Russian relatives

If you have been issued a work visa with HQS status, your family members will be issued visas as accompanying family members. Please find the list of necessary documents and procedures here.

If you enter Russia using a regular work visa, please contact HSE University’s Visa and Registration Centre to find out about visa support (obtaining invitations) for your family members.

If you are a Russian citizen and you want to invite a foreign relative

If you are a Russian citizen, and your family members are foreign citizens, as per Federal Law No. 114-FZ, dated August 15, 1996 (as amended on July 14, 2022) “Concerning Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation”, a foreign citizen shall be issued a visa upon the submission by the Russian citizen of a written request for their joint entry into Russia with his/her family members, including: spouses and underage children, as well as disabled children of full age, who are foreign citizens.

A visa shall be granted following the decision of the head of the diplomatic mission and the consular office of the Russian Federation. A private visa can be issued for up to 90 calendar days and provides the holder with the right to a single or double entry.

Please make sure that you comply with the following mandatory requirements:

  1. the visa applicant must be the Russian citizen’s close family member, and documentary evidence thereof should be provided, such as a marriage or birth certificate;
  2. the visa applicant must enter the Russian Federation together with the Russian citizen.