Bank Account

HSE University staff salaries are transferred to VTB MIR (national payment system) bank cards, which are issued free of charge under a corporate programme.

How can I apply for a VTB bank card?

You will need to complete the VTB MIR bankcard application providing your passport details and other required information, sign it and send a scan to your coordinator or IFaculty Support. The application is to be submitted to Accounting Office Specialist Ekaterina Papyrina (, +7 (495) 772 9590 ext. 11728).
A bank card will be issued within one or two weeks from the date when your application is submitted.

Where can I collect my VTB bank card?

You can collect your bank card in person at Pushechny OR Pokrovka VTB Office. Please contact your coordinator of IFaculty Support to find out which office you need to visit.
Please remember to bring your passport, its notary translation, your migration card and your registration. 

Pushechny VTB Office
VTB Office located at 5, Pushechnaya Ulitsa
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm
The nearest metro stations are Kuznetsky Most and Lubyanka.

Pokrovka VTB Office
VTB Office located at 28, Pokrovka Ulitsa (Building 1) 
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am – 8 pm; Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
The nearest metro stations are Kurskaya, Chistye Prudy and Kitay-Gorod.
The links below are walking routes to the Pokrovka VTB Office from the HSE University campus located at:

VTB Call Centre: 8 (800) 100-24-24.

Anti-fraud Tips

Please be advised that VTB bank (as well as other Russian banks) may contact their clients by phone only for these two reasons:

  1. to invite you to the bank office;
  2. to advertise the bank’s new products.

If you received a phone call on behalf of the VTB bank security service, be advised that this is a fraudulent phone call. Please finish the call immediately and contact the bank customer service hotline (the number is indicated on the reverse of your card) to make sure your funds are secure.

VTB offers bank card insurance at an additional cost. Your personal funds will be protected against unauthorized access. For more information, please visit this page (in Russian).

How can I use VTB's ATM?

VTB is a Russian bank and its ATM menu is mostly in Russian. The manual provided below will assist you in navigating the menu screens and the available options. The manual (in .pdf) covers money withdrawal: it offers a step-by-step guide, where the translation of instructions into English is highlighted in green. Please make sure that you use the ATMs with VTB sign only, as other cash machines may charge extra fees for cash withdrawals.

VTB 24 Cash withdrawal ed.pdf

!!! This material is offered for your information only, and HSE University shall not bear responsibility if the menu of a specific ATM or any part of it, including the steps sequence and the overall layout, is different from the one you may find in this manual. Thank you for your understanding!

Some ATMs show bank offers or commercials before you can proceed with the required operation. To skip them, please note the translation of the phrases you may see on the screen:

Основное меню – Main menu
Пропустить – Skip
Отмена – Cancel
Продолжить – Continue
Напомнить позже – Remind me later
Назад – Back

If you have salary-related questions, please contact the HSE University Accounting Office’s specialist Ekaterina Papyrina, e-mail, +7 (495) 772 9590 ext. 11728