Emergency Medical Assistance

This section explains how to get emergency medical assistance both at HSE and outside of HSE. In case of a health-related issue, please make sure to inform your direct supervisor and coordinator. 

I. At HSE University
Several HSE buildings in Moscow are equipped with first-aid posts where all HSE employees can receive paramedical services. The Full list of first-aid posts, their locations and working hours are available at this page.

Please remember that if you have a more serious condition than a minor injury, dizziness or a headache, we strongly recommended that you call emergency medical services (ambulance).

II. Outside of HSE University (on the street, in public places, etc.)
a. Calling a state ambulance
You can call an ambulance from any location within Russia 24/7 and free of charge:

  • 103 (for calls from landline phones);
  • 112 (for calls from mobile phones).The hotline 112 has English-speaking operators.
Ambulance team provides professional medical assistance at any time, irrespective of a person’s citizenship and type of insurance policy. Normally, an ambulance team will arrive within 15-20 minutes depending on a location. All ambulance vehicles have medical equipment so that the team can provide medical assistance on the spot or take the patient to a medical institution if they are unable to immediately normalize his/her health condition.

In case of life-threatening situations, anyone admitted to public and municipal health institutions is entitled to free primary medical care (emergency medical assistance, including specialized assistance) until they are out of immediate danger. After that, if they need further medical treatment, it shall be provided for a fee. Please make sure that your insurance policy covers such expenses.

b. Private ambulance service
There are a number of private clinics in Moscow offering emergency medical assistance, and a few of them are listed below:
GMS Clinic, +7 (495) 781 5577, +7 (800) 302 5577;
European Medical Centre, +7 (495) 933 6655;
Medicina Clinic, +7 (495) 229 0003. 

c. Insurance policy
Medical services and assistance to persons temporarily residing in Russia under travel insurance or voluntary health insurance are provided in accordance with their insurance agreement, depending on the insurance premium. It is highly advisable that you carefully review your insurance contract and its terms of use, since the list of services covered, as well as medical institutions you can visit, may be subject to certain restrictions. As a rule, free medical assistance is provided at specific institutions and only after a prior arrangement with your insurance or medical services company. Therefore, please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your expenses which have not been agreed with your insurance company shall be reimbursed. For more information about the insurance plan provided by HSE University please visit the Health Insurance web-page. If you have your own insurance plan provided by any other insurance company, please follow their instructions.