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Settling-In Allowance

What is it?
This is a lump sum designed to cover expenses associated with the settling-in of an international employee into a new location.

Who is eligible?
Any tenure-track or a postdoc hire.

When is it paid?
With the first salary payment.

What documents do I need to provide to receive it?
You need to have a Russian bank account to be able to receive the settling-in allowance.

Is it taxable?
Yes. Taxes applied to this sum depend on one’s tax residency status.


*For details about the Eurasian Economic Union check up this page.
**For more information on the HQS status see the HQS Card.
HQS work permit can be annulled on a number of reasons, including absence of a foreign national on the territory of Russian Federation for 6 months and more.
***A tax resident is a citizen of any nation that has lived on the territory of the Russian Federation for at least 183 days within the last 12 months.

Taxes applied to other payments
HQS status does not automatically give an employee the right to a 13% tax rate, as applied to other payments such as settling-in allowances. Whether it is a 13% or 30% tax rate will fully depend on the tax status of the resident. A tax resident is a citizen of any nation who has lived on the territory of the Russian Federation for at least 183 days within the last 12 months. A 13% tax rate shall be applied to the income and other payments of Russian tax residents, whereas the tax rate for non-resident individuals comes to 30%.

Tax deduction and tax filing
All taxes are deducted from your salary automatically by the employer. It means that the sum you receive is your salary after taxes. It also means that you will not have to file taxes in Russia.

For further information on Insurance Contributions to the Pension Fund, Social Security Fund and Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Deducted from Payments to Individuals we recommend you to visit this page.

Health Insurance

International faculty at HSE, as well as their accompanying family members relocating to Russia, are provided with basic health insurance plan financed by the university. 'Soglasie' (Concent) is the health insurance company which was selected for the year 2023 as a result of an annual competitive procurement procedure. The university has year-long contracts with insurance companies, which means that every January employees receive new health insurance policies. 

This insurance plan is valid in Russia and covers outpatient care at specific clinics, as well as house visits, emergency and planned hospital admission, basic dental care. The insurance policy also covers acute diseases and trauma treatment but does not include life-threatening diseases, most chronic illnesses and pregnancy-related medical care.

Outpatient treatment of foreign nationals (insurance programme 18) is provided on the basis of 'Medincentre' of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Address: 4th Dobryninsky pereulok, building 4, Moscow. Metro station 'Dobryninskaya' 

Direct phone numbers: +7 (495) 933-86-48, +7 (495) 933-86-49; +7 (499) 237-40-04  please ask to redirect you to English-speaking staff (for home visits arrangement, appointments to physicians, other specialists, including children’s appointments, doctors’ reception hours, etc.).

List of clinics for insurance programme 18

Outpatient treatment of Russian citizens (including family members of HQS with Russian citizenship, insurance programme 8) is provided on the basis of the clinic of the Ministry of Economic Development.
AddressSkatertny lane, building 10/12, Moscow. Metro station 'Arbatskaya'
Phone number: +7 (495) 697-00-00

List of clinics for insurance programme 8 

 Dental care:

“LIC” Dental Clinics for Moscow
“MedSoyuz” Dental Clinics for St. Petersburg

list of clinics, St.Petesburg  to make an appointment in St. Petersburg please contact the official website of the chosen clinic or the call centre of 'Soglasie'.

'Soglasie' 24/7 call centre:
+7 800 250-01-01 

Please wait for an operator’s response and ask them to switch you to an English-speaking operator. Please make sure to state your name or your family member's name.

On workdays you can also contact doctor-curator of "Soglasie" Lachmanlos Inna Ikhilovna, tel. +7 (495) 739-01-01, ext. 77504

For more information about the services please see the file below:

Quick guide on the use of the VHI 2022 

! If the clinic requires you to pay for any medical services that are supposed to be included in the VHI policy, please contact the insurance company to confirm the legality of the clinic's claims.

Travel abroad insurance is available under a private health insurance plan as an additional option offered by 'Soglasie' free of charge.

To download travel abroad insurance, please open your electronic policy (PDF file) and click the following icon there:

If the download process does not start automatically, contact International Faculty Support Centre,, for further assistance.

  • Insured amount is EUR 50,000 per person.
  • Insurance territory: all countries of the world except for Russia and the country of citizenship.
  • Travel abroad insurance is issued once a year and is valid during all the year.

For more information about any other issues related to medical services, please visit the webpage Medical Aid for International Faculty of the Office of Staff and Students Benefits or contact Alla Pushkareva at 8 (495) 621-70-78, ext.


HSE usually provides new tenure-track hires with free initial lodging at the HSE Guesthouse for up to 60 days. Unfortunately, accommodation for families cannot be assured; living with children is not permitted. Please note that pets are not allowed in the Guesthouse.

New employees are supposed to find a flat and move there when the period of free housing at the Guesthouse is over. English speaking real estate agencies can be found here. No additional housing subsidies are provided by HSE.