HSE Library

HSE library holds over 600,000 books and periodicals and offers a great variety of electronic resources including e-books and journals, databases of peer-reviewed literature, patents, business data and other data collections. Our library collections are among the largest in Russian academia and are continuously expanding. You can browse the library resources using the HSE University Printed Materials Catalogue or have a look at the list of major electronic resources and use advanced electronic resourses search EBSCO connect available to HSE University students and faculty. 

Where is the HSE University library located?

The Central Library is located at 11 Pokrovsky bulvar, Entrance 2. Here you can register and obtain access to the library’s electronic resources.
Besides the Central Library, there are several library departments located at HSE University faculties in Moscow. For more details, please visit the HSE Library’s website.
Your library card will give you access to all HSE University library departments in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, and Nizhny Novgorod. 

How do I get a library card?

To register at the library, please show your HSE University entrance pass, passport, and a photo to the library manager at the Central Library. International faculty coordinators generally help international employees to get a library card at the HSE University Library during their orientation session. 
If you have any questions with regards to getting a library card you can also address library manager Ekaterina Ustyugova

How do I get a remote access to HSE University Electronic Resources?

When you receive your library card, you will be granted the remote access to HSE University Electronic Resources. Please visit the General Procedures for Obtaining Remote Access to HSE Electronic Resources page for more details.

Is there anything I need to know about using the library?

Please read the library rules and regulations for the use of electronic resources.
We also kindly ask you to keep your outerwear, drinks, and food ouside of the library hall.

What if I cannot find the book I need? 

The HSE University Library accepts orders to purchase books from foreign publishing houses. Applications should be sent for literature used for research and teaching. Please check up this page for further details.

Can I be reimbursed if I buy books on my own?

HSE University tenure-track faculty members may use their Research Fund to purchase research materials such as books. If the HSE University Library is unable to provide the necessary literature for your research work or teaching and you have an opportunity to buy books yourself, you may use your Research Fund to cover the expenses. Please keep in mind that purchases using the Research fund should be approved in advance rather than after the fact of purchasing. Please familiarize yourself with the procedure of buying research materials using your Research Fund, which is described below. 

What is the procedure for buying books using the Research Fund?

Research Fund may be used by tenure-track faculty members to purchase books in case if the University is not able to provide them (a response from the library is required). Please be informed that literature purchases may take up to several months, HSE University Library can only give approximate purchase dates.

The following procedure applies:

Step 1: Completed application form and sign it by the direct supervisor. Scanned copies of approved application should be sent to the manager of the Library Ekaterina Ustyugova with a cc to Library Deputy Director Natalia Shulika
Step 2: Within two weeks, the Library gives a response and indicates the timeframe for purchasing the ordered books. If the timeframe is acceptable, there is no need to follow steps 3 and 4; the books will be purchased within the established period;
Step 3: If the books need to be purchased earlier, they can be bought by the applicants themselves. Please use a request form for materials, equipments and services, wait for the approval from Centre for International Faculty Support. Than, a memo for the reimbursement is to be launched by a designated coordinator;
Step 4: After the books are purchased, the receipts and the bank statement for the purchase (if paid online) should be submitted to the Accounting Office together with the memo for reimbursement. Please note that the author's name and the book’s title should be indicated on a receipt.