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‘Golden HSE’ — An Opportunity to Show That We See and Appreciate Each Other’s Work

Applications continue to be accepted for the Golden HSE, the university’s main prize. We asked those who have either nominated candidates or who have received the award themselves about what it means for them personally and for the university.

A Trip to Europe’s Highest Point

HSE’s Extreme Sports student club is organizing this year’s open skiing and snowboarding trip to the slopes of Mount Elbrus and Mount Cheget. The club invites not only students, alumni and staff of the HSE to participate in the event, but also their friends from other universities.

Coping with Violence: Patterns from the 20th Century

Students from all HSE faculties are invited to attend a course on the ways different countries have tried to overcome the legacy of repression. To encourage you to sign up for this innovative and unusual course, Professor Filatova and Professor Barnes shared some of their enthusiasm with the HSE English website.