Well-Being Guide

HSE University is striving to provide a healthy working environment for all staff members. Being geographically, culturally and linguistically diverse, the University workforce is recognized as the greatest asset.

This section is aimed to provide information on well-being topics:

  1. Codes of Conduct
  2. Safety at HSE University
  3. Mental Health
  4. Physical Health
  5. Ways to Contribute to HSE University Society

Codes of Conduct

Basic ground rules about employees’ well-being rights are stipulated in the legal documents listed below:

If you have encountered ethics violations, please follow the instructions on this link.

Safety at HSE University

  • Safety instructions: In case of emergency please follow the instructions stated on this web-page.
  • First-aid stations: If you feel unwell and need pre-ambulance medical assistance, please check up the full list of University first-aid stations here.

Mental Health

Managing Emotional Stress

Managing Culture Shock

Psychological Counselling Centre

Physical Health

Initial and Periodic Medical Check-Ups

Sport in HSE University

Ways to Contribute to HSE University Society

The quality of life is measured not only by what one has and gets, but also by what a person can give. The information below gives general ideas as to how an Employee can contribute to the University society. The list is not final – the University’s opportunities are unlimited.

Thank You, HSE! – an initiative for collecting funds for the University development. More details can be found at this page.

Green HSE – an ecological movement in the University. More details can be found here.