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ASAV Coordinators (responsible for uploading course syllabi)

# Division ASAV Coordinators (responsible for uploading course syllabi)
1 Moscow
2 Joint Department with McKinsey Ella Rychkova
3 HSE Banking Institute Irina N. Elizarova
4 Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism Irina Nemgirova
5 School of Foreign Languages Olga Vetrova, Irina I. Zhunich
6 Department of English Language for the Humanities Mariya E. Machneva
7 Department of English Language for Social Sciences Elena V. Elkina
8 English Language Department for Economic and Mathematical Disciplines Natalia Sokova
9 Department of Foreign Languages Elena V. Kushlak, Tatyana Y. Tsygankova
10 Department of German Marina Dankova
11 Department of French Language Irina Y. Barteneva
12 Institute for Industrial and Market Studies
13 Laboratory for the Analysis of Companies' Competitive Ability Rosalia Sultimova
14 Institute of Demography
15 Department of Demography Nataliya S. Zhuleva
16 Institute of Innovation Management
17 Department for Management of Innovation Nadezhda Mangutova
18 Institute of Education Olga Balandina, Marina Bryuzgina, Tatiana Shiryaeva
19 Department of Educational Programmes Olga Balandina, Marina Bryuzgina, Irina Gordienko, Yulia Salamatova, Tatiana Shiryaeva
20 Laboratory for University Development Olga Balandina
21 Institute of Security Studies
22 Department of Security Natalya S. Sedova
23 Institute for Social Policy
24 Centre for Qualitative Social Policy Research Elena Selezneva
25 Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge
26 Department of Educational Programmes Veronika Belousova
27 Institute of Trade Policy
28 Department of Trade Policy Tatiana Pronskaya
29 Department of the Theory and Practice of Business-Government Interaction Natalia Gramolina
30 Department of Physical Training Svetlana N. Fedoryachenko
31 International College of Economics and Finance Julia Kurkova
32 International Laboratory of Financial Economics Julia Kurkova
33 HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
34 School of Computer Engineering Irina Koroleva, Yury I. Gudkov
35 Department of Information and Analytical Systems: Joint Department with EC-leasing Yury I. Gudkov, Irina Koroleva
36 School of Applied Mathematics Natalia Berezina, Yulia Grishunina, Irina Knyazeva, Irina V. Logashina
37 Joint Department with RAS Dorodnicyn Computing Centre Natalia Berezina
38 Department of Computer Security Lyubov I. Nikitina
39 School of Electronic Engineering Maria Bushueva, Vladimir A. Vetrov, Lyudmila Seliverstova, Elena A. Khritkina
40 Joint Department with the All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements Vladimir A. Vetrov, Elena A. Khritkina
41 Joint Department with Research Institute of Communication and Control Systems Vladimir A. Vetrov, Lyudmila Seliverstova, Elena A. Khritkina
42 Joint Department with Rocket and Space Corporation ‘Energia’ Vladimir A. Vetrov, Lyudmila Seliverstova, Elena A. Khritkina
43 Quantum Optics and Telecommunications Joint Department with Skontel Vladimir A. Vetrov, Lyudmila Seliverstova, Elena A. Khritkina
44 Neurolinguistics Laboratory Natalia Borisova
45 Faculty of Business and Management
46 School of Business Informatics
47 Joint Department with the Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems (RAS) for High-performance Computing Boris E. Poklonov
48 Department of Information Technologies in Culture Vladimir V. Opredelenov
49 Department of Business Analytics Elena V. Volkova
50 Department of Innovation and Business in Information Technologies Anna K. Zharova
51 Department of Information Security Vladimir Elin
52 Department of Modeling and Business Process Optimization Julia Bilinkis (Stavenko)
53 Department of Information Systems and Digital Infrastructure Management Sergey G. Efremov, Galina Redkina
54 Business Effectiveness Management Department Vladimir A. Samodurov
55 School of Business Administration
56 Department of Company Marketing Larisa N. Chernysheva
57 Department of Marketing Communications Larisa N. Chernysheva
58 Department of General and Strategic Management Ekaterina Shapovalova
59 Department of Strategic Marketing Elena V. Filipskaya
60 Department of Project Management Natalya V. Lemeshenkova, Julia Shilova
61 Department of Human Resources Management Natalya V. Lemeshenkova, Julia Shilova
62 School of Logistics
63 Joint Department with Deloitte & Touche Regional Consulting Services Limited Alla V. Fel
64 Department of Information Systems and Technologies in Logistics Gleb Zakhodiakin
65 Department of Logistics Alla V. Fel
66 Department of Logistic Infrastructure Management Elena V. Dmitrieva
67 Department of Supply Chain Management Maria Yermolina
68 Faculty of Humanities
69 School of History Nadezhda Nekrasova, Viktoria Ruseva
70 School of Cultural Studies Александр А. Михайлов
71 School of Linguistics Anna Diachkova
72 School of Philology Irina Lazareva
73 School of Philosophy Natalia Zakharova
74 Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design
75 School of Integrated Communications Lyubov A. Tsyganova
76 School of Media Elena A. Korobkova
77 School of Design Vladislav Afanasiev, Ekaterina N. Tskhovrebadze
78 Faculty of Computer Science
79 Intelligent Technologies in System Analysis and Management: Joint Department with Federal Research Center of Computer Science and Control of Russian Academy of Sciences Inessa Aleskerova
80 School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Alexey Neznanov
81 International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis Alexey Neznanov
82 Big Data and Information Retrieval School Inessa Aleskerova
83 Joint Department with Yandex Inessa Aleskerova, Ekaterina Vavilova
84 School of Software Engineering Tatiana Klimova
85 Joint Department with the RAS Institute for System Programming Tatiana Klimova
86 Department of Technologies for Complex System Modelling Inessa Aleskerova
87 Faculty of Mathematics Nina Bogacheva, Natalia V. Lisichkina
88 Joint Department with the Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems Nina Bogacheva, Natalia V. Lisichkina
89 Joint department with the Steklov Institute of Mathematics Natalia V. Lisichkina, Nina Bogacheva
90 Joint Department with The Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nina Bogacheva, Natalia V. Lisichkina
91 Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs
92 Joint Department with Avtopromimport Svetlana Brundasova
93 School of International Affairs Boris Korotkin, Svetlana Evstigneeva
94 School of World Economy Olga Mulenko
95 School of Asian Studies Margarita Kulik
96 Faculty of Law
97 Department of Civil Law Marina Lavrova
98 Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law Alfia Taktarova
99 Department of International Public and Private Law Aleksandra S. Kasatkina
100 Department of Judicial Power Maria Yakhina
101 Department of Theory of Law and Comparative Law Tamara Arutyunova
102 Department of Labour and Social Welfare Law Людмила Г. Куркина
103 Department of Criminal Law Elena V. Demina
104 Department of Financial, Tax, and Customs Law Alexandra Denisova
105 Faculty of Social Sciences
106 Joint Department with Centre for Political Technologies Elena A. Sleptsova
107 School of Public Administration Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
108 Department of Public and Local Service Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
109 Department of Local Administration Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
110 Department of Theory and Practice of Public Administration Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
111 Department of Organization Theory Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
112 Department of Public and Local Contracts Administration Olga Mironova
113 Department of Health Care Administration and Economy Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
114 Department of Science and Innovation Management Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
115 Department for Spatial Development and Regional Studies Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
116 Department of Financial Management in Public Sector Olga Mironova
117 Department of Urban Economics and Municipal Administration Tamara Taran
118 Department of Economics and Management in Non-governmental Non-profit Organizations Olga Mironova, Tamara Taran
119 School of Political Science Olga Lebedeva, Elena A. Sleptsova
120 School of Psychology Natalia Kuznetsova, Olga I. Patosha
121 Department of General and Experimental Psychology Natalia Kuznetsova, Olga I. Patosha
122 Department of Organizational Psychology Natalia Kuznetsova, Olga I. Patosha
123 Department of Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting Kozhina Anastasia, Natalia Kuznetsova
124 Department of Psychology of Personality Natalia Kuznetsova, Olga I. Patosha
125 Department of Psychophysiology Natalia Kuznetsova
126 School of Sociology Ekaterina Sokolova
127 Joint Department with the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center Ekaterina Sokolova
128 Joint Department with the Public Opinion Foundation Ekaterina Sokolova
129 Joint Department with Levada Centre Ekaterina Sokolova
130 Joint Department of Applied Sociological Research with GfK Russia Ekaterina Sokolova
131 Analysis of Social Institutions Department Ekaterina Sokolova
132 Department of Sociological Research Methods Ekaterina Sokolova
133 Department of General Sociology Ekaterina Sokolova
134 Department of Economic Sociology Ekaterina Sokolova
135 Centre for the Development of Sociological Education Ekaterina Sokolova
136 Faculty of Economic Sciences
137 Department of Mathematics Oksana Kolotvina
138 Department of Applied Economics Olga Vasanova, Marina Romanova, Maxim Shevelev
139 Department of Statistics and Data Analysis Ella Rychkova
140 Department of Theoretical Economics Natalia Baibouzenko, Tatiana Bushina, Marina Yudina
141 School of Finance Olga Lukashova, Alexey Yushkin
142 Perm
143 Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
144 Department of Civil and Entrepreneurial Law Анастасия Ю. Яценко
145 Faculty of Economics, Management, and Business Informatics
146 School of Management Софья К. Рудник
147 School of Economics and Finance Elena Borisova