Discussing Research Together

Joint efforts tend to bring better and more interesting results: that’s why the School of Philosophy has launched its Colloquium meetings where HSE faculty (both internationally and locally recruited) and visiting scholars will be presenting and discussing their research. The events are open to everyone, and the first talk, devoted to a popular for February topic of love, gathered faculty and students alike.

Ulrika Carlsson
, Assistant Professor at HSE School of Philosophy, argued against the rationalist attempt to “save” the concept of love from low status in philosophy.  Her major point was that in our ordinary lives we do not rationally appraise our loved ones and check the goodness of their qualities against all other people, but that our first visceral attraction is further augmented by the value we place on the relationship we come to have with them.  The discussion mostly focused on normative value of love itself, on relations between ordinary experience and its conceptualisation in philosophy, and on the ways abstract ideas such as beauty and status frame the perception of other qualities of a person. The students in particular were most interested in exploring the (ir)rationality of appraisal of qualities of the objects of love.

Those wishing to present their work should contact Ulrika Carlsson and Silver Bronzoand abstracts for the upcoming talks can be found on the website https://hsephilosophycolloquium.wordpress.com/.

The meetings will be held every two weeks on Fridays from 16.40 to 18.00 at Staraya Basmannaya 24/1, and there is already quite a comprehensive schedule of talks for the upcoming semester:

March 3 -- Silver Bronzo: Actions, Products, and Truth-Bearers: A Critique of Moltmann’s Neo-Twardowskian Account

March 17 -- Nadia Moro: The Philosophical Relevance of Music Studies in the 19th Century

April 7 -- Peter Denis (London School of Economics): What Is Interpersonal Justification?

April 14 -- Stefan Hessbrüggen-Walter: Metaphysics and Physics in the Preface to Kant's *Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science*

April 21 -- Aaron Wendland: Authenticity, Truth, and Cultural Transformation: A Critical Reading of John Haugeland's Heidegger

May 12 -- Tudor Protopopescu: Intuitionistic Knowledge and Fallibilism

May 19 -- Annalisa Paese (University of Pittsburgh): It Is Not Silent and Dark Within: Murdoch, Wittgenstein, and the Inner Life

May 26 -- Nataliya Kanaeva: The Beginning of the Foundations of Theoretical Knowledge in India

June 9 -- Alexei Gloukhov: On the Concept of Common Language

June 16 -- Robert Simpson (Monash University): Constructive Intrinsic Valuation

June 23 -- Jorge Luis: Art for Sharks. From Additional Sense Modalities to Animal Aesthetics

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