International Faculty at HSE Day

The University’s international faculty had a great HSE Day, where they took part in Open Talks – English-language lectures – and other informative events.

One of the most popular interactive English-speaking zones at HSE Day was HSE Open Talks. This tradition is now in its fourth year, presenting a series of public lectures aimed at providing attendees with vibrant insights into various topics.

International faculty who work at HSE presented their research and ideas on the following topics:

1. ‘The last reform from above. Perestroika, Uzbekistan and the crisis of the Soviet periphery’ by Riccardo Mario Cucciolla, Research Fellow at the International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences;

2. ‘Epochs and Aeons in Literature’ by Mark Taylor, Assistant Professor at the School of Philology;

3. ‘Sustainability in the public sector’ by Tim Jaekel, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Administration;

4. ‘The crisis and urban struggle in Brazil: the rise of the Landless Workers’ Movement’ by Victor Albert, Assistant Professor at the Public Policy Department;

5. ‘Machine Bias: mathematical models against minorities, races, protected groups, genders’ by Attila Kertesz-Farkas, Assistant Professor at the School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence;

6. ‘Not in my backyard! Neighborhood activities and urban governance’ by Christian Frohlich, Assistant Professor at the School of Sociology;

7. ‘Saving Socrates from Plato’ by Aaron Wendland, Assistant Professor at the School of Philosophy;

8. ‘Reverse-engineering the human brain’ by Joe MacInnes, Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology.

Another extremely popular English-speaking zone at HSE Day was the Russian Tearoom at ‘The Whole World at HSE’ location. Visitors were able to win tokens for pastries and tea by answering various trivia questions. The game featured several ‘tracks’, including an advanced level for Russian-speaking visitors.

A schedule of upcoming events involving HSE’s International Faculty can be found here.