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Find out What HSE Students Are Writing about in Their Theses

The Higher School of Economics began compiling a full catalogue of student theses in 2013. The catalogue can now be accessed on the university’s website.

HSE Receives Free Access to Dozens of Online Library Databases

The Higher School of Economics has been announced as one of the winners of an Education Ministry competition and from April the Ministry will fund access to dozens of digital resources. Deputy Director of HSE’s Library Vladimir Pislyakov talks about what e-libraries are accessible to the university’s staff and students. 

‘Innovation and Technology Should Be Open to Everyone, Not Only to the Rich’

International Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design has recently opened at the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism. It will be headed by Vicente Guallart, a Spanish urbanist, chief architect for the city of Barcelona in 2011-2015, who will be joining HSE shortly. Mr. Guallart has talked to the HSE News Service about what the laboratory will do, what the Advanced Urban Design master’s programme, the principle of learning by doing, and the application of technology in the city life.

New Platform at HSE to Present Research by International Laboratories and Centres

HSE is launching a new platform to host popular science lectures for all students and staff. The new lecture series will unveil the results of the most recent research carried out by HSE’s laboratories and advanced research centres.

New Voices: Research Projects and Ideas

The HSE Look tells about  post-doctoral fellows who joined HSE in 2015 and the centers, laboratories and schools which recruited them: philosophy, history, data analysis, finance, and cognitive studies.

December issue of The HSE Look

In its 25 th  issue The HSE Look introduces this year’s post-docs and the laboratories and centers which recruit them. Many of the researchers shared with  The HSE Look  their research interests, and we will present these interviews to the readers in this issue and in the upcoming months of 2016.

Welcome Aboard: International Recruitment News

HSE has been recruiting international faculty for several years now, but there are some novelties in 2015. The HSE Look is glad to present newly recruited faculty so as to help colleagues connect with each other: in the October issue we present faculty members who start their work in tenure-track positions, and will introduce this year’s post-docs in December.

From Google Scholar to RSCI: Why Indexing is Necessary on Personal Pages

The Higher School of Economics is introducing new requirements for staff’s personal pages. Our colleagues who conduct research and teach are now required to list the following identifiers on their pages: ORCID, Researcher ID, Scopus Author ID, SPIN-RSCI code, and Google Scholar. Ivan Sterligov, the head of the analytics department in the HSE Office of Academic Expertise, tells us why this will benefit both the university and the researchers themselves.           

Free Internet on International Academic Trips

The Higher School of Economics has joined Eduroam (education roaming), a global secure internet access service for the international academic community. Thanks to Eduroam, researchers and students from all over the world can receive WiFi access at any participating institution from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

New International Labs at HSE St. Petersburg to Study Economy of Health and Game Theory

On June 26, the HSE Academic Council okayed the opening of two new international laboratories. Specifically, the St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management will gain a laboratory for the study of healthcare economics, management, and policy, as well as a laboratory for game theory and decision-making. The labs' academic supervisors will be renowned international scholars.