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Business Trips

HSE faculty and staff employed under work contracts are allowed to leave the country either on their non-working days (days off, Russian public holidays, or during a paid or unpaid leave) or when going on a business trip. If you leave the country on a workday without going through formal procedures, you are not following the terms of your work contract. These procedures need to be completed in advance before going abroad on a leave or a business trip. Otherwise your leave or business trip will not be registered. Note that this procedure needs to be followed no matter what funds you use to cover your business trips expenses. Please read these business trips guidelines to find out more about the procedure.


The following guidelines concern tenure-track professors (for further information about the research fund please visit this page). Postdocs should skip Step 1 and Step 2 in the section covering the guidelines before the trip, and Step 1 in the section covering the guidelines after the trip.

What needs to be done before and during the trip?

1. Apply for a travel grant with the International Faculty Support Unit one month before the planned trip.

2. If the expert group approves your application, the International Faculty Support Unit informs you of the decision and forwards the approved application form along with the expert group’s decision to your coordinator, who can then begin preparing a travel assignment form for your trip.

3. Provide your coordinator with the invitation letter from the hosting party . The invitation must contain the following details: the purpose of your visit, name and location of the event, dates, participation fee details, and a note stating which expenses (if any) related to the trip will be covered by the hosting party.

4. Your coordinator fills out the travel assignment form with the help of the central accounting office and has it signed by you, the head of your department and the first vice rector.

5. A business trip order is issued based on this business trip assignment.

6. During your trip, please make sure to collect all documents for expenses that you want to have reimbursed.

What needs to be done after the trip?
1. Submit all supporting documents for travel expense reimbursement to your coordinator who is to submit them to the accounting office within 3 days after you come back from your business trip.
2. Your coordinator will help you to fill out a travel expenses report and submit it to the accounting office together with your bank card details and supporting documents.
Submit a back-to-office report to the International Faculty Support Unit within 10 days of your return. If you traveled to a conference or similar academic event, the report must be accompanied by a copy of your paper or presentation.
3. You receive reimbursement for your travel expenses.

For more details, please see university regulations on business trips.

Supporting Documents for Reimbursement

We strongly recommend reviewing these requirements before you go on your business trip.

Golden Rules
1. All expenses must be paid by the employee. Services purchased using someone else’s bank card will not be reimbursed.
2. Original copies of supporting documents with translation into Russian must be submitted for reimbursement – your coordinator is to submit them to the accounting office within 3 days after you come back from your business trip.
3. All documents proving payments must contain payment references.
4. Bank statements issued by Russian banks must contain a signature and a seal.
5. Reimbursement for one trip cannot be made in parts. Only a complete package of documents will be accepted.
6. An employee will only be reimbursed for those expenses that are proven by correct documents. Please, see below for the reimbursement rules.

What documents do I need to present to be reimbursed for a business trip?

I want to get reimbursement for …


… if I paid in cash or by card in person:

… if I paid online:

I should not forget, that …

participation fee

1. sales receipt

2. cashier’s receipt

1. electronic payment confirmation

2. bank statement




1. invoice

2. cashier’s receipt


1. electronic booking confirmation or payment confirmation

2. invoice or an equivalent document confirming the fact of my residence in the hotel

3. bank statement



Only lodging in an economy class hotel room will be reimbursed. The number of guests in supporting documents must not exceed one person.


I need to make sure that confirming documents contain the hotel’s name, my full name, the number of guests, dates of check-in and checkout, cost of the stay, and the means of payment.


rented apartment


1. original rental agreement signed by two parties

2. sales receipt (must contain my name and the dates of my stay)



1. original rental agreement signed by two parties

2. note signed by hand from the host confirming the payment

3. copy of host’s passport (the main page with the signature).


1. electronic agreement

2. electronic receipt

3. bank statement

As lodging at a private apartment is not standard from the point of view of Russian legislation, it must be approved by the head of my department or vice rector beforehand.

travel expenses

1. plane tickets and boarding passes OR train tickets

2. sales receipt

3. cashier’s receipt





1. electronic plane tickets

2. boarding passes

3. bank statement


1. electronic train ticket

2. bank statement

Only travel from the city of my employment (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm) to my business trip destination will be reimbursed. Employee travel on a business trip directly from a vacation destination is considered on a case-by-case basis.


It is recommended to book plane tickets (only economy class) through the websites of big airlines, such as Aeroflot (here tickets for flights of Skyteam member airlines can be ordered) as they provide correct electronic tickets. The electronic ticket must be entitled as “electronic ticket itinerary receipt”.


If I travel by Russian Railways I don’t need to provide a bank statement, only electronic tickets.



Aeroexpress ticket



taxi receipt specifying the route “airport – hotel” or “hotel – airport”


1. electronic Aeroexpress ticket

2. bank statement

Taxi receipts must specify the date and route, as well as contain the driver’s signature. If I travel in Russia, taxi expenses will not be reimbursed, only Aeroexpress.


If I take a train to travel abroad, transfer from and to the railway station won’t be reimbursed as it will be part of my per diem.


health insurance

1. sales receipt

2. cashier’s receipt

3. health insurance policy


1. electronic health insurance policy

2. bank statement


The Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) policy provided by HSE is valid on the territory of Russia. Thus it may only be used during your trips around Russia. Travelling abroad for business trips may require purchase of a travel insurance policy. See more details in the file below.


 Business trips insurance 2017 (DOCX, 18 Kb)





per diem


1. scanned copies of the following passport pages:

pages with stamps confirming my entry and exit from Russia and entry and exit to the country of destination

2. main page with the photo,

3. page with the visa


The cost of day depends on the country I'm travelling, so I should check the Business travel expenses.

 Business travel expenses (DOC, 110 Kb)


1. invoice or sales receipt

(or an equivalent document specifying payment reference)

2. cashier’s receipt

3. copy of my visa

1. invoice

(or an information email)

2. bank statement

3. copy of my visa

Extended fees for urgent visa issuance will not be reimbursed.

If I use a commercial visa service, a receipt specifying payment reference and a cashier’s receipt need to be provided. The university recommends using the PONY EXPRESS 

For questions, please contact your coordinator or the International Faculty Support Unit.