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Editors of HSE Subdivision Websites (faculties, schools, laboratories, etc)

# Division Editors of HSE Subdivision Websites (faculties, schools, laboratories, etc)
1 Moscow
2 School of Foreign Languages Tatiana Glazkova
3 Security Office Vitaliy O. Kozlov, Valery Kinder, Lyudmila A. Glebova
4 Student Development Office Ivan Chernyavsky
5 Office of Administrative Buildings Yulia Nikitina
6 Centre of Development Institute Alena A. Chepel
7 Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities Sergey R. Matveev
8 Center for Institutional Studies Vera Arbieva
9 Institute of Quantitative Finance Anna Volchina
10 Institute of Education Надежда А. Авдеенко, Maxim Petrov
11 Institute of Pricing and Regulation of Natural Monopolies Irina V. Garbuzova
12 Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning Evgenij E. Pliseckij
13 Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge Elena V. Gutaruk
14 OECD – HSE Partnership Centre Tatyana A. Meshkova, Evgeny Y. Moiseichev
15 International Research and Educational Foresight Centre Elena V. Gutaruk, Dmitry P. Uzlov
16 Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies Olga Maximova
17 Centre for S&T, Innovation and Information Policy
18 Laboratory for Economics of Innovation Olga Maximova, Vitaliy Roud
19 Institute of Public Resource Management Elena Nikolayenko
20 Department of Higher Mathematics Alla Tambovtseva
21 Department of the Theory and Practice of Business-Government Interaction Natalia Gramolina
22 Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications Dmitry Korshunov
23 Financial Engineering & Risk Management Lab Victor A. Lapshin
24 Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics Darya Vertkina
25 Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics Gregory V. Chernov
26 International laboratory for Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic Forms Sergey Loktev, Olga Grishina, Valery Gritsenko
27 International Laboratory for Population and Health Elena Churilova
28 International Laboratory for the Study of Russian and European Intellectual Dialogue Elena Besschetnova
29 Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis and its Applications Ella Rychkova
30 International Laboratory for Supercomputer Atomistic Modelling and Multi-scale Analysis Vladimir Stegailov
31 International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics Elena A. Zhingel
32 International Institute of Statistical Education Elena Ponomarenko
33 International College of Economics and Finance Semyon Nonin
34 The International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences Irina Makhalova
35 HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics Boris Linetskiy, Aleksandra V. Pomolotova, Andrey Lytaev
36 School of Applied Mathematics Valentina I. Kalinnikova
37 School of Electronic Engineering Vladimir A. Vetrov, Konstantin Kostin
38 For Prospective Students from CIS and Baltic Countries Kirill Kisel
39 Faculty of Business and Management Vasily V. Sdobnov
40 School of Business Informatics Gulnaz M. Kalykulova
41 School of Logistics Yulia A. Morozova
42 Faculty of Humanities Anna Shestakova
43 Project Laboratory for Studies of Yury Lyubimov’s Work and Director’s Theatre of XX-XXI centuries Evgenya Abelyuk
44 School of History Dmitriy Dobrowolski
45 School of Cultural Studies Александр А. Михайлов
46 School of Linguistics Daniil Skorinkin
47 School of Philology Alexey Vdovin
48 School of Philosophy Kirill K. Martynov
49 Faculty of Pre-University Training Alexander V. Novikov
50 Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design Alexandr V. Senko
51 School of Media Tatiana Tikhomirova, Alexandr V. Senko
52 Laboratory for Educational and Youth Journalism Александр Б. Милкус, Kristina Krutilina
53 Faculty of Computer Science Kristina Korshunova
54 Intelligent Technologies in System Analysis and Management: Joint Department with Federal Research Center of Computer Science and Control of Russian Academy of Sciences Inessa Aleskerova
55 School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Larisa I. Antropova
56 International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis Larisa I. Antropova
57 Big Data and Information Retrieval School Inessa Aleskerova
58 Joint Department with Yandex Inessa Aleskerova, Ekaterina Vavilova
59 International Laboratory of Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods Nadezhda Chirkova
60 School of Software Engineering Nataliia Chichileva
61 Joint Department with the RAS Institute for System Programming Nataliia Chichileva
62 Department of Technologies for Complex System Modelling Inessa Aleskerova
63 Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis Artyom Glazistov
64 Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems Artyom Glazistov
65 Centre of Student Competitions Mikhail Gustokashin
66 Faculty of Mathematics Dmitry Korshunov, Vera Kuznetsova
67 Joint Department with the Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems Dmitry Korshunov
68 Joint department with the Steklov Institute of Mathematics Dmitry Korshunov
69 Joint Department with The Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Korshunov
70 Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs Irina Tigetova, Georgy Tigetov
71 Joint Department with Avtopromimport Irina Tigetova
72 School of International Affairs Irina Tigetova
73 School of World Economy Irina Tigetova
74 Centre for International Cooperation Ekaterina Bolshova
75 School of Asian Studies Irina Tigetova
76 Faculty of Law Anton Popov
77 International Laboratory for Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law Anastasia Belyakova
78 UNESCO Department on Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights at the Higher School of Economics Mikhail Fedotov
79 Faculty of Social Sciences Nikolay Vinnik
80 School of Public Administration Irina Zavyalova
81 School of Political Science Elena A. Sleptsova
82 School of Psychology Andrey Lovakov
83 School of Sociology Ekaterina Sokolova
84 Joint Department with the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center Ekaterina Sokolova
85 Joint Department with the Public Opinion Foundation Ekaterina Sokolova
86 Joint Department with Levada Centre Ekaterina Sokolova
87 Joint Department of Applied Sociological Research with GfK Russia Ekaterina Sokolova
88 Analysis of Social Institutions Department Ekaterina Sokolova
89 Department of Sociological Research Methods Ekaterina Sokolova
90 Department of General Sociology Ekaterina Sokolova
91 Department of Economic Sociology Ekaterina Sokolova
92 Centre for the Development of Sociological Education Ekaterina Sokolova
93 Public Policy Department Artem Uldanov
94 Faculty of Physics Alexander Kostinskiy
95 Faculty of Economic Sciences Vladimir V. Karacharovskiy, Anna Volchina
96 Department of Mathematics Oksana Kolotvina
97 Department of Applied Economics Maxim Shevelev
98 Department of Statistics and Data Analysis Ella Rychkova
99 Department of Theoretical Economics Tatiana Bushina
100 Laboratory for Labour Market Studies Sergey Solntsev
101 Laboratory for Comparative Analysis of Post-Socialist Development Vladimir V. Karacharovskiy
102 Laboratory for Macro-Structural Modeling of the Russian Economy Maria Sorokina
103 Laboratory for Macroeconomic Analysis Sergey Merzlyakov
104 Research & Training Laboratory of Financial Markets Analysis Tamara V. Teplova
105 School of Finance Evgeniya Mun
106 Joint Department with Ernst & Young Veronika Glazkova
107 Joint Department with PricewaterhouseCoopers Tatiana Zubkova
108 Centre for Labour Market Studies Anna A. Zudina
109 Saint Petersburg Elena Gruzinskaya
110 St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities
111 Department of Comparative Literature and Linguistics Артем А. Ковалевский
112 St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management Petr E. Sitnik, Elena Rogova
113 Office of Continuing Professional Education
114 Management Training Center Ирина Г. Матвиенко
115 Nizhny Novgorod
116 Faculty of Humanities
117 School of Literature and Intercultural Communication Timur Khusyainov
118 Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics, and Computer Science
119 Laboratory for Topological Methods in Dynamics Евгений Д. Куренков
120 Faculty of Management Irina Pisareva
121 Department of Venture Management Natalia Shoroshneva
122 Department of Public Administration Natalia Shoroshneva
123 Department of Marketing Natalia Shoroshneva
124 Department of General and Strategic Management Natalia Shoroshneva
125 Department of Organizational Psychology Natalia Shoroshneva
126 Nizhny Novgorod Branch Department of Industrial Management and Logistics Natalia Shoroshneva
127 Faculty of Law Marina V. Kleponosova
128 Perm Elena Bessonova
129 Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Anna Groysberg
130 HSE University District Мария А. Мальцева
131 Faculty of Economics, Management, and Business Informatics
132 School of Management Софья К. Рудник
133 School of Economics and Finance Anna Bykova