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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Natalia Lyskova is spending her 2nd year as a postdoc at HSE Faculty of Physics working in a Joint Department of Space Physics with the Space Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and told The HSE Look about the ongoing research in astrophysics and upcoming plans.

A Laboratory, a Department and a Master’s Programme: How are Finances, Intangibles and Sport Connected?

It is not unusual for faculty staff to combine several roles, such as a researcher and a teacher, but sometimes they bring even more to the table. The HSE Look is glad to present an interview with Professor Angel Barajas, who initially joined HSE’s campus in Perm as a Leading Research Fellow of the International Laboratory of Intangible-Driven Economy and recently became the Head of the Department of Finance at HSE St. Petersburg, as well as the supervisor of a Master’s programme

ICEF Research

Initially focused primarily on teaching, ICEF has been purposefully and consistently building a research community within its team since the start of international recruitment of PhD researchers in 2005. ICEF has a very vibrant research seminar, several research groups, and two laboratories. Alexis Belianin, ICEF Assistant Professor and Head of the Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics, and Carsten Sprenger, ICEF Assistant Professor, Head of the International Laboratory of Financial Economics, told The HSE Look readers about the achievements and plans of ICEF team in research.

Bridging Global Standards and Local Features - The HSE Look (October)

In its 29 th  issue The HSE Look presents the Faculty of Law through an interview with its Dean, Prof. Evgeny Salygin, as well as introduces new tenure-track international faculty. As usual, the issue provides short announcements about Visiting Scholars, and an interview with one of them – a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar in Sustainable Development, Prof. David Wirth.

Art and Science of Communication - The HSE Look (July)

In its 28th issue The HSE Look presents the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design through interviews with its Deputy Deans and Professors. With the end of the academic year comes the time of HSE Best Teacher Award, and we are glad to share the new procedures and tips from awardees of previous years with the English-speaking readers. Summertime is ahead,but it is already time to make plans for the fall - we present the upcoming short-term visits of guest scholars to HSE and an opportunity to give a short public lecture at HSE Day in September.

Measuring Research, Researching the Measures - The HSE Look (May)

In its 27th issue The HSE Look presents the work of the Scientometrics Centre and how research results are measured at HSE. We also continue the tradition of interviews with international faculty and visiting scholars: five of them talk about their research and teaching projects in Moscow, Perm and Nizhniy Novgorod, and guests and speakers from the April Conference share their impressions of HSE’s flagship conference.

Going Beyond the Borders

In its 26th issue The HSE Look introduces the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs and HSE’s Massive open online courses (MOOCs), with two professors sharing their experience of preparing and running MOOCs. We also start a new tradition of interviews with visiting scholars, and present to you the upcoming visits for March and April.

New Voices: Research Projects and Ideas

The HSE Look tells about  post-doctoral fellows who joined HSE in 2015 and the centers, laboratories and schools which recruited them: philosophy, history, data analysis, finance, and cognitive studies.

From Post-Doc to Tenure-Track: First-Hand Experience

The HSE Look interviewed Michael Rochlitz about the experience of getting from a post-doc to tenure-track position, integration into HSE life and research plans. Michael, an Assistant Professor at the School of Political Science of the Faculty of Social Sciences, joined HSE in 2013 as a post-doc Research Fellow at the International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID) of the Institute for Industrial and Market Studies. 

December issue of The HSE Look

In its 25 th  issue The HSE Look introduces this year’s post-docs and the laboratories and centers which recruit them. Many of the researchers shared with  The HSE Look  their research interests, and we will present these interviews to the readers in this issue and in the upcoming months of 2016.