‘Our Students Were Lucky to Talk to Top Experts’

Christian manuscript, Ethiopia, 13th–14th century
University of Hamburg professors Denis Nosnitsin and Magdalena Krzyzanowska delivered a series of online lectures dedicated to the study of Ethiopian manuscripts. The course, which was developed for first-year students of the Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies, was held as part of the Digital Professors project. In an interview with the HSE news service, the professors talked about their research, teaching approaches, and impressions of lectures.

How HSE University Is Developing Distance Learning

How HSE University Is Developing Distance Learning
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HSE University, as well as other universities around the world, has had to  quickly transition to online learning. How have students and instructors adapted to distance learning? What are the challenges that the university has faced?  How have assessment mechanisms changed?  HSE administrators and instructors answer these questions for the HSE News Service.

By the Mountains: HSE Perm

HSE University is famous for not only its various locations throughout Moscow, but also its regional campuses in three other major Russian cities. We are delighted to tell you about HSE’s second youngest campus in Perm through an interview with its Director, Galina Volodina.

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges
'Teaching at HSE' workshop held on November 15 once again welcomed internationally recruited faculty members and led a discussion about teaching findings and best teaching practices.

Fab Lab Founder from Latin America Shares His Expertise with HSE Students

Fab Lab Founder from Latin America Shares His Expertise with HSE Students
Benito Juarez, the founder of the first Fab Lab in South America and the Latin America Fab Lab Network, has come to HSE University for the 2018 autumn semester as an invited lecturer on Master’s Programme in Prototyping Future Cities. He is delivering a course in Impact Analysis for first-year students and leading the City Project module, a practical component of the Master’s programme. Mr Juarez has talked to HSE News Service about fab lab projects, creative cities of the future, and the courses he is teaching at HSE.

HSE Joins ARWU Top-100 in Two Subject Areas

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) has entered the Top-100 in Sociology and Mathematics of the Shanghai Ranking. It is also now the leader on this ranking among Russian universities in Economics, Political Science and Management.

A Strong Profile in IT and Humanities

The HSE Look talked to Anna Blyakhman, Deputy Director of HSE Nizhny Novgorod and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Management, about the educational programmes offered at the campus and its international students.

Visiting Scholars: Upcoming Visits

HSE provides institutions funding for two programmes which allow Schools and Departments to invite international colleagues to teach courses to students and collaborate on research (Visiting Scholars) and to organise workshops for teachers in order to introduce new methods and approaches to work within and outside classroom (Teaching Excellence). The HSE Look presents brief information about the upcoming visits – please, refer to the host departments for more details.

A Laboratory, a Department and a Master’s Programme: How are Finances, Intangibles and Sport Connected?

It is not unusual for faculty staff to combine several roles, such as a researcher and a teacher, but sometimes they bring even more to the table.The HSE Look is glad to present an interview with Professor Angel Barajas, who initially joined HSE’s campus in Perm as a Leading Research Fellow of the International Laboratory of Intangible-Driven Economy and recently became the Head of the Department of Finance at HSE St. Petersburg, as well as the supervisor of a Master’s programme.

Teaching Excellence Call for Applications

The HSE Look is excited to inform you that the HSE Teaching Excellence Initiative Call is open until March 23, 2018. This programme gives an opportunity for HSE degree programmes to organize workshops for teachers with colleagues from universities abroad who have extensive experience in providing instruction.