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We strongly recommend that you follow the steps specified in the checklists below to make sure your arrival and employment are processed efficiently. However, since the whole procedure is rather complex and involves the participation of several parties, even adherence to the advised track may not result in infallible and delay-free organization. Nonetheless, we will do our best to make your arrival and employment as quick and smooth as possible. Thank you for your understanding! 

Pre-arrival Checklist

The employment procedure can be rather complex, especially when a new employee is a foreign national. Some preliminary steps need to be taken before the actual arrival of a new faculty member to the HSE campus. Presented below is the pre-arrival checklist, which will show you the steps to be completed, as well as an information form that new employees are kindly asked to fill out.

ActivityForeign nationalsRussian citizensWhen should this be done
Fill out the pre-arrival form on the International Faculty Support Unit website++4-5 months before arrival

Provide the following documents for the preparation of your contract (and the letter of invitation for foreign nationals):

1. scanned copy of your passport (main page);

2. scanned copy of your Master's or Bachelor's degree in Russian or English (or translation into Russian or English if these documents are issued in other languages);

3. scanned copy of your PhD degree in Russian or English (or translation into Russian or English if these documents are issued in other languages);

4. passport-style digital image (for foreign nationals only).

++ 4-5 months before arrival

When arriving with non-Russian accompanying family members (i.e., spouse, children):

1. copy of your spouse’s passport (main page);

2. notarized copy of your apostilled or legalized marriage certificate (original);

3. notarized translation of your apostilled or legalized marriage certificate into Russian (original);

4. copy of your child's passport (main page);

5. notarized copy of your child's apostilled or legalized birth certificate (original);

notarized translation of your child's apostilled or legalized birth certificate into Russian (original).
+  4-5 months before arrival
Contact the Russian Consulate where you will be applying for a visa and ask for the list of documents you need to apply for a work visa.+ 4-5 months before arrival
Inform the International Faculty Support Unit (ifaculty.support@hse.ru) if there are any additional documents you need from HSE to apply for a visa.+ 4-5 months before arrival
Receive the preliminary draft of your employment contract by e-mail. Read it, ask any questions you may have, and comment on it. Please express your consent to sign the contract.++Approximately 1.5 months after you submit all documents required
Study the “Before and Upon Arrival” section and ask any questions that you may have.++While reading the draft of your contract or earlier
Receive an e-mail with the final version of your employment contract and the request to sign it. Please follow the instructions specified in the e-mail.++Approximately 1 week after you approve the draft of your contract
Receive the original of your visa invitation and other documents from HSE by mail.+ Approximately 1.5 months after you sign your work contract
Apply for a work visa at the Russian Consulate or Visa Centre in the city stated in your visa invitation.+ As soon as you receive the letter of invitation
Inform your coordinator and International Faculty Support Unit (ifaculty.support@hse.ru) about the date of your arrival in Russia.++As soon as you book your flight
Plan the time for orientation events according to the schedule sent to you by International Faculty Support Unit++1 week before arrival
Acquaint yourself with the HSE’s internal bylaws.++1 week before arrival


Upon Arrival Checklist

All the preliminary steps for your employment have been made, and your employment contract has been drafted. The checklist below will help you prepare for your trip to Russia and see what needs to be done upon arrival.

ActivityForeign NationalsRussian CitizensWhen should this be done
Fill out a migration card or have it filled out by an officer at passport control. + Upon entering the country, before going through passport control
Check in at the HSE guesthouse/a rented apartment. +Upon arrival

Submit the documents for your registration (for more information, please visit this page):

1. a copy of all pages in your passport;

2. a copy of your migration card.

 +Within 3 days of your arrival
Obtain your registration slip. +Once it is ready (usually within 3-5 working days after submitting the documents)
Obtain your HQS card (work permit). + The nearest day after your arrival (not including weekends and Wednesdays)
Fill out an application form for a VTB bank card (if you haven't done it earlier). +On the first day of your employment or earlier
Attend the HR Procedures Day. +On the day indicated in the invitation e-mail (sent by International Faculty Support Unit)
Obtain your HSE entrance pass. +On HR Procedures Day
Obtain your library card. +On HR Procedures Day
Get access to your workplace. +First week
Get your HSE e-mail account. +First week
Edit your profile on HSE’s website. +First month 
Order your HSE business cards. +First month 
Discuss your teaching schedule and office hours with your department. +First month
Obtain your VTB bank card. +3-4 weeks after your application is submitted (or shortly after your arrival, if you submitted the application earlier by e-mail)
Attend meetings, workshops and mixers organized as per your Orientation Session plan. ++ From September to December

You may download your checklist and save it on your computer to update or print:
Pre-Arrival Checklist.docx
Upon Arrival Checklist.docx