Useful contacts

HSE University’ international faculty receives support at two levels. With respect to the faculty/lab level, support shall be provided by faculty coordinators or lab managers. In turn, the International Faculty Support Centre offers support at the University-wide level.

Faculty coordinators and Lab managers

Faculty coordinators and Lab managers are the primary contacts for all issues associated with the activities of international faculty members, including:

  • document flow (e.g., memos for business trips and research funds, applications for leave, etc.);
  • communications with the Accounting Office;
  • ordering office equipment and various supplies;
  • organization of the work place.

International Faculty Support Centre

If an international faculty member experiences unexpected difficulties in getting in contact with his/her coordinator or a lab manager, the issue shall be then addressed to the International Faculty Support Centre. The Centre is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • organizing events aimed at fostering successful integration of internationally recruited faculty into the HSE University community, both professionally and culturally;
  • monitoring and analyzing difficulties with respect to international faculty recruitment and hiring procedures;
  • the creation of info-space for internationally recruited faculty and their host departments;
  • trouble-shooting of issues encountered by international faculty members.

Internationally recruited staff are kindly asked to address their questions or enquiries either to coordinators/lab managers or managers at the International Faculty Support Centre – depending on the given areas of responsibility. 

Apart from coordinators and International Faculty Support Centre internationally recruited staff can address the following bodies from the list below:

Issue Contact Website and e-mail

General support, research funding

International Faculty Support Centre

Visa and registration

Visa and Registration Centre


Vera Govorova

Salary matters, payment processing, expense reports, and other financial matters Financial Reception

ext. 333-33
+7 (495) 624-57-85 

Work contract conditions, employment procedures

HR Office

Medical insurance, social issues

Office of Staff and Student Benefits

Reimbursement for business trips

Larisa Pirskaya

+7 (495) 621 3167 ext. 11107

Guesthouse regulations

HSE Guesthouse

IT Support

IT Department

Library and e-resources

HSE Library

Personal profile on the HSE University website (portal)

Online Media Office

Russian courses

Russian Language Centre

Learning Management System


HSE Publishing House

HSE Publishing House

Designated Coordinators

There are various information systems at HSE.
If you have a question about different aspects of working with these systems, please contact the designated coordinator in your subdivision:

Personal profile page coordinators can help you with questions about making changes to your personal profile page on HSE website. 

Editors of HSE subdivision websites are responsible for updating information on their division's website.

Programme managers are responsible for timetables in the RUZ scheduling system.

ASAV coordinators are responsible for uploading course syllabi. 

Teaching workload coordinators are responsible for planning faculty workload.