The HSE Look No. 2 (37), May 2018 – Getting Involved

Сommunity, and an actively engaged one at that, is a vital part of university life. From the large-scale events which are part of the institution’s brand to the grass-root initiatives, everything thrives on genuine and shared interest, and in this issue of The HSE Look we would like to share several stories which might inspire to join the existing projects or start new ones. As a follow-up to the April Conference of 2018, with preparations for the next year already underway, we present the interview with Prof. Fuad Aleskerov about the conference and its role in informing the public debate and furthering research, as well as share impressions from international faculty about this year’s papers and what they value most about the April Conference. To provide the contrast with such a large-scale project and showcase the variety of initiatives at HSE, we are glad to present a much smaller but not less vibrant community of the German-language research conference Welt und Wissenschaft through an interview with Yulia Pasko. Traditionally, we also share the announcements of upcoming visits by invited scholars who come to HSE to share their teaching experience with colleagues and give lectures to students. Last but not least, we present two personal accounts of how to fully immerse into the life of the city beyond the university by Arnab Roy Chowdhury and Brian McLoone, whether your stay at HSE is short or long.

Yulia Grinkevich

Director of Internationalisation