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Foreign Academics on Russian Research and Life in Moscow

The online magazine The Village talked to foreign academics living in Russia about everyday Moscow, cultural differences, behaviour on the metro and severe winters. Ryan Berg from the USA is a specialist in business ethics at the Higher School of Economics. You can read his story here.

'I’m impressed by the mathematical history and general level of mathematical skills here in Moscow'

Bruno Bauwens, an expert in Kolmogorov complexity, is a new recruit at the HSE Faculty of Computer Science. He started in September 2015. Bruno received his PhD from Ghent University in Belgium, after which he held postdoctoral fellowships at Porto University (Portugal), as well as at the University of Montpellier and University of Lorraine.

Studying Russian Writers on How War Alters Aesthetic Experience

Dr. Angelina Lucento is a Research Fellow at HSE International Center for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences. Her work focusses on art and war. In this interview with HSE English News she explains how family history brought her to research WWII and Russian culture and tells us why Moscow suits her so well for living and working as an international academic in her field.

A Genuine Challenge for Humanity in the 21st Century

Professor Paul Kind, University of Leeds, led the International Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy seminar at the HSE St Petersburg.

Positive Psychology — Even Gloomy People Can Be Contented

Ken M. Sheldon is Academic Supervisor at the HSE International Laboratory of Positive Psychology of Personality and Motivation. He talked to HSE English News about his collaboration with HSE and about working in an international environment.

International Experts in the Faculty of Computer Science

An important step in integrating the university into the global educational, scientific and research space is the expansion of international recruiting. Since its very first year, the Faculty of Computer Science at the Higher School of Economics has had a foreign professor working on staff. In 2015, four internationally recruited experts teach and conduct research in the faculty.

HSE Day: Celebration for the University and the City

HSE Day: Celebration for the University and the City
For the fourth time HSE held a celebration for the city and the university community to mark the start of the academic year. Thousands of people joined the celebration on September 9, and HSE Day had something to offer for all audiences.

Welcome Aboard: International Recruitment News

HSE has been recruiting international faculty for several years now, but there are some novelties in 2015. The HSE Look is glad to present newly recruited faculty so as to help colleagues connect with each other: in the October issue we present faculty members who start their work in tenure-track positions, and will introduce this year’s post-docs in December.

October Issue of The HSE Look

In its 24th issue The HSE Look introduces the readers to the Faculty of Business and Management, to The Foresight Centre and to the new international faculty and visiting scholars. It also provides a guide to mid-term grading and covers the highlights of HSE Day and HSE’s international positioning efforts.

Removing the Borders: Education and Research in Business and Management

Prof. Nikolay B. Filinov , Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management, shared the plans and the anticipated synergy of the merge of several Schools and institutions under one roof.