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HSE International Faculty — Welcome Aboard!

The start of an academic year is always characterized by a new and expanded team of faculty and students ‘on board’ the HSE. In 2015 over 40 new international faculty members have joined HSE and are ready for a new voyage of discovery. Their stay at the university traditionally begins with a number of seminars, meetings and other events which come under the Orientations session, organized by the International Faculty Support Unit.

‘It's Striking How Prejudices about Moscow Are All Incredibly False’

‘It's Striking How Prejudices about Moscow Are All Incredibly False’
HSE Open Talks, at HSE Day in Gorky Park this year featured a wide range of lectures in English showcasing the ever increasing numbers of international professors and researchers at the university. Among them was Emiliano Catonini, Assistant Professor at the International College of Economics and Finance. He gave a lecture To the Heart of Decision-Making on rationality and irrationality in economic choices. HSE English News asked him to share his impressions of living and working in Russia.

24th HSE Open Tourist Rally

On September 26 and 27, 2015, the traditional HSE Open Tourist Rally will be held. Students and staff with families from all HSE campuses, as well as friends of HSE from other Moscow universities, will be able to take part.

HSE Day Offers Something for Everyone

HSE Day Offers Something for Everyone
Russian students and teachers were not the only ones to actively participate in HSE Day on September 9; many foreigners who study or work at the university took part as well. Numerous activities enriching the celebration could be enjoyed without any knowledge of Russian — for example, Speed ​​Dating, Dance Battle, and a variety of sporting events. However, some sites during the festival had a special English-language programme.

Renovated Professors’ Club Opens Its Doors on Myasnitskaya

The Professors’ Club – a traditional venue for music concerts as part of the ‘Professors’ Wednesdays’ project – will now also serve as a space for relaxation and friendly gatherings of the university’s faculty members and research staff.

Around HSE

Around HSE
HSE invites you on a virtual tour of Moscow. We’ve put all the HSE Cornerstone articles together and made a map of places worth seeing in the neighbourhoods around the university buildings.

Anne Simkin on Croissants, Samovars, Morocco, and Dreams

Starting in September, a French lecturer, Anne Simkin, will begin teaching French in the Faculty of Humanities at HSE Nizhny Novgorod. We met with Ann to ask her a few questions.

From Google Scholar to RSCI: Why Indexing is Necessary on Personal Pages

The Higher School of Economics is introducing new requirements for staff’s personal pages. Our colleagues who conduct research and teach are now required to list the following identifiers on their pages: ORCID, Researcher ID, Scopus Author ID, SPIN-RSCI code, and Google Scholar. Ivan Sterligov, the head of the analytics department in the HSE Office of Academic Expertise, tells us why this will benefit both the university and the researchers themselves.           

Free Internet on International Academic Trips

The Higher School of Economics has joined Eduroam (education roaming), a global secure internet access service for the international academic community. Thanks to Eduroam, researchers and students from all over the world can receive WiFi access at any participating institution from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

June Issue of The HSE Look

The Editorial Team wishes you a good summer time and presents the June issue –read to learn more about research at HSE in network analysis, study of institutions and public administration.