On Campus

“There is no specific male or female way of thinking”

The HSE Look welcomes aboard Nadia Moro, Assistant Professor at the School of Philosophy. Empiricism, epistemology and realism in the nineteenth-century science and philosophy (Herbart, Lotze, Helmholtz, Stumpf, Wundt), and music theory are among her scientific interests.

The Faculty of Humanities: Liberal Arts United

The 20th issue of The HSE Look is devoted to the Faculty of Humanities, another big department formed in the course of the university-wide structural reorganization, launched at HSE in December 2014. We talked to the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Professor Alexey Rutkevich. He discussed the new opportunities and challenges connected with the foundation of this large faculty and the general situation concerning liberal arts education in Russia.

Oxford Professor Visits HSE in Saint Petersburg

At the invitation of the Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science, renowned sociologist and statistician Tom Snijders is visiting HSE St. Petersburg on March 9-12. Dr. Snijders is a Professor at Oxford University (Great Britain), an emeritus fellow of Nuffield College, and a Professor at the University of Groningen (Netherlands).

Journal Club at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making

Junior research fellow Marco Colosio spoke to The HSE Look about the Journal Club on cognitive neuroscience and neuroeconimics at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making.

February Issue of the HSE LooK

The latest issue of the HSE LooK is dedicated to research life at HSE. The International Laboratory for Applied Network Research shares the experience of starting up a research unit and successful collaboration with colleagues and students. Marco Colosio, a PhD student at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making, moderates the Journal Club in cognitive neuroscience and neuroeconomics and shares his experience of working in this discussion group. The editors also congratulate Assistant Professors Udara Peiris and Dina Balalaeva on the acceptance of their articles for publication.

HSE's Visa and Travel Support Unit Has Moved to a New Location

Visa and Travel Support unit will now be located at 20 Myastnitskaya ulitsa, room 538

Understanding Our Own History by Learning about Another’s

Social Historian, Franziska Exeler has focussed much of her research on the Soviet Union and the Second World War but at HSE she is asking students to find out what happened in other countries to try to understand the Soviet experience in a global context. She talked to the HSE English News website about teaching and researching at the HSE International Centre for History and Sociology, about discovering Moscow’s architecture and about her life as an academic in Russia.

'It Is Amazing How Enthusiastic and Serious about Mathematics My Students Are'

In September 2014, new international professors and postdocs joined the Faculty of Mathematics. January issue of 'The HSE LooK' welcomes aboard Assistant Professor Satoshi Kondo.

"In mathematics you either get some result or you don’t and there is nothing in between"

The HSE Look welcomes aboard Postdoctoral Fellow at the Faculty of Mathematics, Alexandra Skripchenko!

"It is amazing how enthusiastic and serious about mathematics my students are"

In September 2014, new international professors and postdocs joined the Faculty of Mathematics. In our January 2015 issue of The HSE Look we are pleased to welcome aboard Assistant Professor Satoshi Kondo!