HSE Gifts of Kindness Days

In December, HSE is holding Gifts of Kindness Days in the lead up to the New Year’s holiday. It’s an opportunity for HSE colleagues and students and friends of the university to bring some New Year’s cheer to those in need of help and support.

Foreign Academics on Russian Research and Life in Moscow

The online magazine The Village talked to foreign academics living in Russia about everyday Moscow, cultural differences, behaviour on the metro and severe winters. Ryan Berg from the USA is a specialist in business ethics at the Higher School of Economics. You can read his story here.

'Technology as Such Never Simply Marks Progress'

In his lecture on December 3 at the HSE St Petersburg on 'Progress: A Reconstruction', Professor Peter Wagner (University of Barcelona) raised questions related to the nature of progress and our attitude to it. Professor Wagner is ICREA Research Professor in the Department of Sociological Theory, Philosophy of Law and Methodology of the Social Sciences at the University of Barcelona. He has been cooperating with HSE since 2014. Before his lecture, Editor of HSE English News, Anya Chernyakhovskaya talked to Professor Wagner about the elusive and changing nature of progress.

New Way to Choose Golden HSE Winners

The candidates for Golden HSE have been nominated and in the middle of December we’ll find out who will be given the laurels. The procedure for choosing a winner has been changed a little this year. HSE Academic Secretary Natalia Savelieva explains what these changes are and how you can best support your candidate.

HSE Has Been a Great Home Base for Me to Return and Recharge My Batteries

Elizabeth Plantan, Ph.D. candidate in Government at Cornell University, discusses her work at the International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID HSE) and life in Russia.

HSE is 23

On the 27th November the Higher School of Economics will be 23 years old. The last year has been filled with new experiences and achievements and not just in research and education. Let’s look back at what has happened to the university over the last twelve months. Here are eight things you know might not know...

German Ambassador to Meet HSE Students

On Tuesday, December 1 st  2015, Mr.Rüdiger von Fritsch, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Federation, will meet with HSE students. The meeting will address issues related to the future of German-Russian relations.

Trees, Rainfall and Consonants: On Language and Environment

From November 14 - 24th a series of lectures on 'Diversity and Uniformity in Linguistic Sound Systems' by Ian Maddieson, Adjunct Research Professor at the University of New Mexico, Adjunct Professor Emeritus at the University of California was held at the HSE School of Linguistics. The course was dedicated to the phonetic diversity of languages and included eight lectures. During the series, Professor Maddieson talked to HSE English News Editor, Anna Chernyakhovskaya’s questions about his research into the relations between language and environment.

Education as a Vehicle for Peace

The 5th annual LCSR conference was organized  from 15th - 21st November at HSE. One of the keynote speakers at the conference on Cultural and Economic Changes under Cross-national Perspective is the Director of the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute at Qatar University, Darwish Al Emadi. Dr. Al Emadi’s talk was on The Challenges of Surveying in Countries with Unorthodox Population Pyramids. He spoke to HSE English News about his long term goal to improve education on a global level and about his cooperation with HSE.

HSE Extreme Sports Club Invites Students and Staff Members to Finland

HSE Extreme Sports Club invites students, lecturers, and graduates of all HSE campuses as well as their families and friends to spend a week in Finland from 31st January to 6th February 2016. Finland is a great destination if you enjoy snowboarding, ice fishing and other winter activities. Registration is open until December 31.