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'Russia Has A Very Good Analytical Capability'

Interview with Ian Miles, participant of the XII International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, Professor at the University of Manchester and Academic Supervisor of the Research Laboratory for Economics of Innovation which was created last year as part of the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge.

‘This Results in a Good Combination of Enthusiasm and Intellect’

In October, Professor Abel Polese from the University of Edinburgh Institute of Geography gave a series of lectures at the Higher School of Economics for students of the Faculty of Politics, as part of the IMESS Visiting Scholars programme. Boris Zhelezov, Deputy Vice Rector and Head of the Office of International Academic Mobility of the HSE, and Abel Polese himself told us about the lectures and the IMESS programme.

Public Policy: Double Degrees from the HSE and the University of Bologna

In early June Italian professors Cristian Vaccari and Lucio Picci gave a series of open lectures at the Higher School of Economics. Their visit is another step towards the implementation of the agreement on cooperation between the HSE and the University of Bologna signed in 2009.

‘The Higher School of Economics is blessed to have very talented students’

We spoke to Joshua Hawley, Ed.D, Professor at the Ohio University, USA, who came to the Higher School of Economics to conduct longitude research and deliver a course on Educational Policy at the HSE Faculty of Public Administration.

‘Free Market and Human Rights are Two Parts of a Whole’

On March 6th John Dale, Professor of Sociology at George Mason University, USA, was a guest at the HSE stand at the ‘Education and Career:21st Century’exhibition which took place in Moscow. His speech in front of prospective HSE students at the exhibition was part of the programme of his Moscow visit.

HSE and Stanford Students are Similar in Many Ways

Between September 10th and 16th,‘Stanford Week’organized by the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs took place at the HSE. Leading Stanford professors conducted short courses of lectures and master classes for students. Below is a selection of their comments about the event .

Stanford Week at the HSE

Between September 10th and 16th the Stanford Week organized by the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs will be held at the HSE.

ICEF 2009: Achievements and Prospects

Recently the HSE and the London School of Economics signed a new agreement on the activities and development of the HSE International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) for the next 4 years .