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‘I Am Sure That These Events Will Make Next Year More Fun!’

Natsuki Kobayashi (Japan), exchange student from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
The New Year is a time for making plans and adopting new resolutions. We have talked to HSE students and staff members about the events they are most looking forward to in the coming year, 2020, and about their wishes and hopes for the new year.

The HSE Look November issue

Read the interview with HSE Rector about HSE's development strategy, learn more about new tenure-track faculty members and their research, and get inspired to explore surroundings of Myasnitskaya and Pokrovka in the new issue of The HSE Look!

It gives us confidence to live in Moscow

Annual workshop on intercultural communication ‘Living and Working in Russia’ for the HSE international faculty was held on September, 27.

By the Mountains: HSE Perm

HSE University is famous for not only its various locations throughout Moscow, but also its regional campuses in three other major Russian cities. We are delighted to tell you about HSE’s second youngest campus in Perm through an interview with its Director, Galina Volodina.

The HSE Look - March 2019 issue

The 41st issue of The HSE Look is devoted to teaching and to introducing several of HSE’s postdocs. The issue begins with the highlights of the study on international classroom. Jan Surman and Vera Smirnova speak about their research interests and about the ways they involve students in research. Iain Ferguson tells how his three years at HSE have helped his research in international relations, and in this issue’s column ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’ Mahama Tawat invites the readers on a journey through the world of Afro-Latin dancing in Moscow.

Discovering HSE and Russia: Moscow's hot tropical rhythms

Discovering HSE and Russia: Moscow's hot tropical rhythms
Mahama Tawat, Assistant Professor at the School of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, writes about Moscow dancing scene for The HSE Look 'Discovering HSE and Russia' column.

Property and Power

Vera Smirnova, Research Fellow at the Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning shared her research interests and experience of building strong connections at HSE with The HSE Look readers.

International Classroom at HSE: Challenges and Benefits

International Classroom at HSE: Challenges and Benefits
Last autumn HSE’s project ‘Teach for HSE’ commissioned an internal study by HSE Centre for Institutional Research. The study aimed to see a broad picture of how faculty members and students perceive benefits and challenges of teaching and studying in an international classroom.

Asking Questions Together with Students

International faculty at HSE are involved not only in research and teaching, but some also combine it with active participation in the city’s public discussion spaces. The HSE Look took an interview with Jan Surman, Research Fellow at Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities (IGITI), about his research and Cultures of Critique project.

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges
'Teaching at HSE' workshop held on November 15 once again welcomed internationally recruited faculty members and led a discussion about teaching findings and best teaching practices.