Discovering Russia(s)

In addition to interviews with international faculty, The HSE Lookis launching a new feature – a column about their life in Russia, what they discover in different cities, and interesting venues at HSE and beyond. If you have an interesting experience to share, please contact us at In this issue, we present a column by Victor Attila Albert.

Doctoral Student Pursues Cross-Cultural Research in Russian and Italian Primary Education

In May, Lucia Bombieri, a PhD student and intern researcher at the HSE International Scientific-Educational Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research, delivered a report entitled ‘Instructions and Empathy: Teachers’ Role in Changing Intercultural Relations in School Settings’. Her report presented the preliminary results of a quasi-experiment undertaken in Italy and Russia with the aim of investigating teachers’ role in changing children’s responses towards migrant peers in a socio-cultural and cross-cultural perspective. Participants included teachers and students in the final year of primary school from different cities and regions in northern Italy and the Moscow region.

Mobilize Your Data with HSE’s Cloud Service

The new secure cloud service HSE.Disk for the University’s employees can help you to synchronize data on your work PC with your home computers and mobile devices.

Building a Career Dedicated to Foresight and STI Policy Research

Following years of study and work in South America and Europe, Rafael Popper joined HSE Moscow as Professor of Foresight and STI Governance in January 2018. In addition to his job at HSE, he is Principal Scientist in Business, Innovation and Foresight at a world leading research and technology organization (RTO) called VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. With a PhD on 21st Century Foresight from the University of Manchester, Popper has built a career on wide-ranging research of issues in foresight and STI policy. In a recent interview with the HSE News Service, he spoke in depth about his research interests, philosophy on teaching, collaboration across HSE and his love of languages, among other topics.

Meeting point update for Moscow River Tour on June, 5

Meeting point update for Moscow River Tour on June, 5
We would like to remind about the Moscow River Tour on June 5th, 2018 (Tuesday) and pay your attention that meeting point has changed. We meet on Pier Bolshoy Ustinsky Bridge.

May Issue of The HSE Look

Сommunity, and an actively engaged one at that, is a vital part of university life. From the large-scale events which are part of the institution’s brand to the grass-root initiatives, everything thrives on genuine and shared interest, and in this issue of The HSE Look the editors would like to share several stories which might inspire to join the existing projects or start new ones.

The HSE Look No. 2 (37), May 2018 – Getting Involved

In this issue of The HSE Lookwe would like to share several stories which might inspire to join the existing projects or start new ones. We present the interview with Prof. Fuad Aleskerov about the April conference and its role in informing the public debate and furthering research, as well as share impressions from international faculty. To showcase the variety of initiatives at HSE, we are glad to present the vibrant community of the German-language research conference Welt und Wissenschaftthrough an interview with Yulia Pasko. Traditionally, we also share the announcements of upcoming visits by invited scholars. Last but not least, we present the ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’ columns by Arnab Roy Chowdhury and Brian McLoone.

Impressions from the 19 th April Conference

After the conference is over it’s time to reflect on what this year has brought to plan for the participation in the next year’s event, and The HSE Look talked to several internationally recruited HSE faculty members about what they value most about participating in the April Conference and what topics and discussions they found most interesting this year.

April Conference: A Multidisciplinary Forum for Research Discussion and Public Debate

The HSE Look is delighted to present its readers with the interview with Fuad T. Aleskerov, HSE Tenured Professor, Head of the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, and a long-time member of the April Conference programme committee, about the evolution of the Conference and its major highlights of this year.

Welt und Wissenschaft: Growing Strong with a Dedicated Community

If you are interested in attending a conference at HSE, there is always something going on. In fact, one of the University’s conferences aimed at young researchers is quite special, as it held neither in Russian nor in English, but in German. Less than half a month apart from HSE’s April Conference, the international conference Welt und Wissenschaft (‘World and Science’) was held for the 4th time. The HSE Looktalked to one of the organizers, Yulia Pasko, Associate Professor of the Department of German Language, about how they involve students and faculty in the development of this tight-knit academic community.