The HSE Look - March 2019 issue

The 41st issue of The HSE Look is devoted to teaching and to introducing several of HSE’s postdocs. The issue begins with the highlights of the study on international classroom. Jan Surman and Vera Smirnova speak about their research interests and about the ways they involve students in research. Iain Ferguson tells how his three years at HSE have helped his research in international relations, and in this issue’s column ‘Discovering HSE and Russia’ Mahama Tawat invites the readers on a journey through the world of Afro-Latin dancing in Moscow.

Discovering HSE and Russia: Moscow's hot tropical rhythms

Discovering HSE and Russia: Moscow's hot tropical rhythms
Mahama Tawat, Assistant Professor at the School of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, writes about Moscow dancing scene for The HSE Look 'Discovering HSE and Russia' column.

Studying Foreign Policy Discourse

The HSE Look continues a series of interviews with international postdocs about their research. For the February issue we’ve talked with Iain Ferguson, Research Fellow at theInternational Laboratory on World Order Studies and the New Regionalism, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, about his work and exploration of Moscow and other cities.

Property and Power

Vera Smirnova, Research Fellow at the Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning shared her research interests and experience of building strong connections at HSE with The HSE Look readers.

International Classroom at HSE: Challenges and Benefits

International Classroom at HSE: Challenges and Benefits
Last autumn HSE’s project ‘Teach for HSE’ commissioned an internal study by HSE Centre for Institutional Research. The study aimed to see a broad picture of how faculty members and students perceive benefits and challenges of teaching and studying in an international classroom.

Asking Questions Together with Students

International faculty at HSE are involved not only in research and teaching, but some also combine it with active participation in the city’s public discussion spaces. The HSE Look took an interview with Jan Surman, Research Fellow at Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities (IGITI), about his research and Cultures of Critique project.

Participation in Japanese workshops

ICSID research fellow Fabian Burkhardt participated in two workshops, which were held in Japan and covered political and economic issues in Russia and Ukraine.

HSE Academic Is Reviving the Spirit of Socrates

HSE Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Aaron James Wendland, recently launched a popular philosophy column in a prominent British Magazine: The New Statesman. In this interview, we ask Aaron about his research interests, his experience at HSE, and the rationale behind his new column on popular philosophy.

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges
'Teaching at HSE' workshop held on November 15 once again welcomed internationally recruited faculty members and led a discussion about teaching findings and best teaching practices.

Post-Doctoral Fellow Discusses Research on Soviet-Era Citizenship and Language Policy

Dr Anna Whittington is currently a Research Fellow at The International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences through the end of August 2019. She recently spoke with the HSE News Service about her work on changes in Soviet-era language policy, her thoughts on life in Moscow and how the city has changed, and much more.