Professor Jonathan Linton: 'An Opportunity to Learn a Great Deal in Moscow'

Professor Jonathan Linton, Power Corporation Professor for the Management of Technological Enterprise of the University of Ottawa, Canada, and Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Technovation‘ journal has been appointed as the new Head of the HSE Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies at ISSEK the Institute of Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge. In this interview for the HSE English Language News Servicel he talked about what he hopes to achieve in his new job.

New Research Trends in ‘Biology and Behaviour in a Political Economy’

On March 14, 2014, the HSE is running a workshop ‘Biology and Behaviour in a Political Economy’. John Nye, Academic Supervisor at the International Laboratory for Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms, HSE which is organising the workshop, spoke to the HSE English-language News Portal about working at the HSE in this research area.

HSE Launches New International Laboratories

On February 28, 2014, the HSE Academic Council approved the creation of a number of new international laboratories at the university.

February Issue of the HSE LooK

This issue focuses on the working papers series published at HSE. In particular, the editors examine what opportunities are offered and how to publish a paper within the Basic Research Programme. Find answers to these questions and more in the article. Dirk Meissner, Research Professor at the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, speaks about his work as a researcher, author and editor.

Coping with Violence: Patterns from the 20th Century

Students from all HSE faculties are invited to attend a course on the ways different countries have tried to overcome the legacy of repression. To encourage you to sign up for this innovative and unusual course, Professor Filatova and Professor Barnes shared some of their enthusiasm with the HSE English website.

'When the Altruistic and Selfish Comes Together'

In his interview Dr. Andrej Krickovic, an Assistant Professor at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, kindly shares his experience on organising a working group on publishing in political science. The idea is to give scholars a chance to present their academic work to other participants and get feedback.

’Speaking Russian helps me to interact with colleagues and students’

Dr. Martin Beisswenger, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of History, shares his experience of being a newcomer at HSE in an interview forThe HSE LooK.

'Historians need to publish books, not only journal articles'

Dr. Martin Beisswenger has kindly shared his views about and commented on the development programme and spoke of his fresh start at HSE.

'Time has come to start hiring senior professors'

Carsten Sprenger, Assistant Professor at the International College of Economics and Finance and the Head of the International Laboratory of Financial Economics, speaks about academic life at HSE as well as brings some current issues to the spotlight.

'Here I get a lot of help'

Being an internationally recruited academic herself and having due to the field of her research a very intense travel schedule, Ekim Arbatli has kindly shared her experience with the HSE Look.